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MYPublisher - Special offers and great ideas to give your book a new look. BLUR - a good publishing platform to create, publish or even sell your book. Includes a Shutter Fly - easy way to create and publish short stories with many bright illustrations. You select your page layouts and fonts and copy the materials into the pages. When you choose a book with dust jacket, you may want to include a picture and a biography of your child.

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Self-editing has grown in recent years and has inspired authors of all colours to publish their work there to see if the readership is biting. In" Young Worlders Dazzle Publisher (Mom and Dad)," on Sunday's cover, I've studied a steadily increasing number of self-published writers: schoolchildren. Turns out that every year they publish themselves and often pay hundred or thousand bucks to make their book available on Amazon.

If the publishers are kids, the phenomena poses extra issues. Will the self-publication of a children's book be a way to inspire future authors and highlight the work they sweat about while their brothers and sisters play football, for example?

I thought the mum and dad I was talking to for this whole thing were pensive and wise; some said when they took a seat to study what their kids had scribbled (or typed) on for month, they were amazed at how gripping it was. Some of them said they struggled with whether self-publication was a good concept or whether they would give their kids an impractical feeling for their own achievements.

Shouldn't they be encouraged by the self-publication of their literature by prospective high, secondary or even primary students' families?

It'?s a perfect souvenir: Print your child's storybook - Print and Marketing Blog

If you have kids, appreciate the mile stones, your first words or your first days at SCHOL. Some things you want to share with your kids in the near term to help them remember their unrestrained, uninhibited fantasy. Dean, the managing director of Print-Print, when he was reading a tale that his 9-year-old girl had penned and pictorialized for her little brother at college, he knew it was one of those things to appreciate.

But his younger daughters was sick at home with Chicken Pox, so the whole thing was done to uplift her. Took 3 and a half years, but his daugther liked to see her figures evolve and come to live in a professional print book. So if you're looking for inspiration to make a photobooklet or a souvenir of your child's work, have a look at our print option for booklets.

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