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Convert your book and sell it to millions of potential readers. It' easy to create a novel, a cookbook or just a photo book for your family. Hardcover, paperback or e-book: You wrote it - you decide how it is done. Sell and publish your novel now! Why would you want to publish your book about Kindle?

It'?s like they say: Self-publication of your work online

You wrote a goddamn novel, and it's the best there ever was! There are three possibilities in today's publishers' business. If all goes well, you can turn to a large conventional publishers who will buy the copyright to your work, process it, put a sleeve on it, sell it and pay you when it is sold.

They can turn to a smaller freelance (indie) media that has the freedom to risk extraordinary work and that involves you more in the detail of publication - but does not have the same range of advertising as the big publisher and will not be selling as many as the big traditionals.

Prevent anyone who asks you for publication funds (known as'vanity press') with the pledge of emoluments in the near term - it is very likely that you will be paying a great deal and not getting nearly as much back. Publishers should always provide you with editorial and artwork coverage, even if this means that your fee is lower.

That means you are in charge of everything - edit, covers, formatting, publishing, advertising, sales - and that you bring out the product under your name and keep the profit. While you can rent some of the work (e.g. a proof-reader, buy covers art), it's up to you to make sure you get your books to the people.

We are going to briefly include some alternate ways of getting your letter out there to your readers there. Whilst we have a tendency to consider self-publication as a copy or electronic copy of a work, this is not the only way you can publicize your work: the web has a multitude of ways to gain people's readership.

Many of these methodologies have the disadvantage that many editors regard articles on the web as "published" and may not want to re-publish them in a more conventional one. But this is not necessarily an obstacle to later self-publication in printed or e-book formats, or even a conventional publisher if you become self-publish!

The Wattpad is a shop window posting board. Participants write sections, captions or entire histories in clear text and others can literally literate, write comments and listen to them. There is a large fan-fiction scene, as well as competitions and nightclubs. You will find many posting boards - a fast searching for "Autorenforum" will help you a great deal!

It is a mixture of advices, author chats and a general meeting place; there are often books, reviews and some well-known writers often come over to talk or write comments. Being part of a posting board is often more useful to the fellowship than specifically for your posting, but the ability to write a chapter or all of your posts means that co-authors can literally literate it, and you may find that you end up with a fan base that supports your current work.

Commencing with the publication of sections in his own private blog: his admirers liked it and he got more people. You asked for an e-reader copy, so Weir put the sections together and put them on Kindle Direct publishing. He then headed the best-seller list, and in the same month he got a publisher and film deals.

Your work on your blogs is a great way to present yourself as an writer and attract more readership. Blogging is also a useful resource for writers because it helps them know who you are and how to get to work. It' s a good idea to consider in which other file types you can post if you are considering self-publishing.

While most writers have a tendency to concentrate on fiction, as this is what is selling in the past, it does not mean that other typefaces are not well-worthy. Unrestricted short films are often a good attraction for the reader, as they provide the opportunity to explore the author's work without having to pay a lot of it.

What about a sequel? Welcome-to-Night Vale is a good example of a podcasting storyline that has become very popular; could you'publish' your storyline as an audio book, or as a Podcast, or even as a YouTube episode? I am a classical and legal library owner in reality, I am living with an engineering and a very grouchy whisker lady, and I spend my free times with web designing, games, fancy cross-stitching and DIY (which may not necessarily include the destruction of things).

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