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You can publish your book in paperback and ebook. Receive your book at Amazon. Writes picture books for children: They can find online advice on how to write for a particular genre. I hope you are now convinced that you need to publish an eBook.

Which are the prerequisites?

BEST COURSE SELECTION best course selection for everyone who has a good ideas for a good read and wants to be public! Authors and mentors Steve Alcorn shows you how to be successful in this animated and entertaining course. Now, any writer can be released and make the profit that used to be reserved only for the biggest publishers.

In this course you will learn how to make your books available in pocketbook, e-book and audio format. HERE THE PUPILS say: "I just attended your course "Publish YourBookNow" and it was very well. I' ve been through some of it before, but much of it was just astonishing - fast, easy and to the point (e.g. how to create an audio album and how easy it is to create your own Creative Space cover - and turn it into Kindle).

I' m paying over $450 to have someone do it for my last one! With these technologies, your books can be on Amazon and Kindle in a few lessons, and it won't costs you a penny! With this course you will learn everything you need to know to get your paper out there!

Twenty Sites to Sale Your e-Book

When you are an authority on a particular subject, it doesn't hurt to share your expertise to make it. In today's Internet-prone environment, a great way to do so is to type and sale an e-book. Part one is entirely up to you, but for part two there are many on-line tools that you can use.

Submitted in this paper I have drawn up a top 20 web sites that can help you entertain and sale your book, along with managing the burdensome negotiation intricacies. In some cases, you can even keep 90-100% of the selling pric. PAYSHIP is an e-commerce site that provides you with the opportunity to resell any kind of downloaded electronic materials, included e-books.

You' re creating a customisable selling page on paychip for free and it gives you the tool to advertise your products, such as rebate vouchers, stock keys, affiliate programme and more. PaYSPHIP will just 5% of all your purchases you make - just right? Your e-books can be published for free on Amazon, the largest Amazon web shop.

Naturally, you receive a lot of attention at Amazon and can retain up to 70% of the overall selling prices. Blast provides you with trusted utilities to build the ultimate online booking experience. Now you can easily reflowables e-books or set up plan e-books and flap text for you.

There are several stores where you can buy the book, such as Blurb, Amazon and Apple iBooks Store. With Lulu, you get a full set of instructions for making and converting your perfect eBook to EPUB or PDFs. Lulu also provides a personalized solution for a small charge if you can't do it yourself.

Their e-books can be distributed by different publishing houses, each of which offers its own licence fee. It is very similar to Payhip in that it allows you to build a selling page and then help you selling your e-books (or any other materials you can download). They can use an affiliated programme, determine individual prices, take full benefit of our online marketing and sale e-books in favourite stores such as eBay.

This is Barnes & Noble's self-publishing solution for writing and posting your e-book. The NOOK Press provides all the necessary utilities to build and share your e-books for free. It will be distributed to NOOK and Barnes & Noble audiences in their millions. 2. Kobo is a truly easy-to-use self-publishing solution that lets you easily deploy your e-book in 5 straightforward stages.

She publishes her work on the Kobo website for billions of people. There is no charge for the creation and publication of an eBook, but Kobo retains a royalty on the sale. It gives you great exposure by posting your work across a number of vendors, such as Kobo Barnes & Noble, OverDrive and Smashwoords.

There' s no charge in the editing and you get free ebook protection and formatting utilities. Receive 80% commission on Smashwords and 60% on other vendors. The Scribd is a paying reader hosting e-books and other similar contents that members can view with a membership.

If the reader reads your e-book, you will be charged as it was bought. You can only register with Scribd through its partner firms, such as Smashwords, BookBaby and Desktop2Digital, etc. The Payspree hosting of your downloaded digitally delivered contents offers you several ways to win clients. They can take full benefit of the advantages of affiliates, online marketing, online marketing, online marketing, social networking and more.

You' ll have to be paying $1-2 per item or a $29 lifelong affiliation charge. ý PayLoads will also offer great utilities to entertain your e-books and sale themýonline. You' ll receive an encoded page for downloading, shared badges, e-books in eBay auction and partner programs. One other complete facility to entertain your e-books and it will do all the sale them heavy work for you.

Generate a selling page for your books and use powerful features such as Multipay, Affiliates, secure store, discounts, stock management, package creation, Google Analytics and more. Junkie calculates a set amount of money per month according to your needs. You can use GoogleSpaces to build a free room where you can resell anything you want, even your ebook.

There are also 15 free utilities to help you organize and customise your room, which include Tagger, Wallpaper, Logos Creator, Wallpaper and Image Creator, etc. FuYRYR is a remunerated promotional e-book and musical services. Your e-book can be uploaded to Feiyr and will be made available for sale in over 165 different shops.

You will receive 90% of the selling value. Salzkammergut Selz provides customisable software to build your own shop and resell your own brand. The free Rewards Card allows you to enumerate 5 elements and get instant acces to features such as Widget, Scam prevention, analysis and more. Payed memberships from $12. 99 gives the capability to register indefinite numbers of items and customise the page according to your will.

Gumroad is a very versatile tool for setting up your own web site, allowing you to personalise your site according to your wishes and offer you astonishing possibilities for sale. Generate subscription, membership, instant sale, additional value, promotional discount, customisable desktop marketing, and more. Allows you to browse and buy e-books and keep 100% of your revenue.

Boktango will sell the e-books on its memory and other retail outlets. With a truly powerful affiliated ecosystem of 500,000 affiliates, Clickbank is sure to increase your revenue. It' also a sell website like others and gives you the opportunity to customize the form, subscribe, create scam-proofing and more.

They can either keep 50% as a license charge or $49.95 as a one-time charge for your business and 7. BuchBaby is a fairly costly feature in this listing, but it does offer stunning value and lets you retain 100% of your purchases. BookBaby handles everything from typing, sizing, and design to distribution and closing of book purchases for $149/book.

Your professionals will work side by side to build your ideal e-book with sophisticated utilities and then share it with various merchants and BookBaby itself. At $29/month, you can use all of the Shopify features to build a fully featured shop. No programming knowledge required, it's really simple to use and gives you template and topics to quickly build a great web shop.

There are also several ways to boost your electronic book, as well as distribution across different businesses. I' ll advise you to begin with payip if you are new to sell your own e-book. Although if you are a pro e-book vendor, then BookBaby can really make your play up. Also I should note that all of this e-book sales site provide DRM coverage for your ledgers and some may even include client name/information on each page of the e-book.

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