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Free publication of your book

Get a friend or professional editor to make sure your book is error-free and start working with him sooner rather than later! Publicise your books with us! You can and will not receive a reply if you submit your suggestions by post. We do not ask you to submit your complete work. We' ll get back to you within 3 week if we want to release your work.

If you are an author or translator of new literature (novels, poems, shorts, academic literature or non-fiction), we invite you to provide us with information about your work.

While Mondial is a small publishers and cannot provide all the advantages of a large publisher.....but we are a serious small publishers, and: will NOT ask you for your funds if you want to advertise your titles on Mondial. Instead: we will study your script thoroughly; if we find it interesting, we will reprint, release and share it (perfect binding - paperback); we will determine the size, layout and pricing; if your work is in English, we will also release it as eBooks on Amazon Kindle, Google Play and Nook ("Barnes & Noble"), iBooks (Apple) and other eBook vendors.

When we choose to release it: we review the editorial and lay-out processes with you; we provide you with five free prints of the final product; and via the US wholesaler Ingram, i.e. all bookshops have full control over it; (retail value = the retail value of the Mondial product to distributors or other resellers); and if you want more prints of your product, we offer you the product for two third of the listed value.

Descriptions (Tell us in a few words what the volume is about; summary): 2: Prior release, if available: An example text of the text of the textbook (please copy and paste a few sections, NOT an whole chapter): 4. a few words that explain why you think your text would be interesting to others:

and I accept the above mentioned condition (under "If we choose to publish...."):

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