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After completing all the steps in Parts I, II and III, you are finally ready to publish your book. Create your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. BookSmart is free software that helps you develop your book. Follow these steps to set up a free book promotion: In this way, you don't have to get into debt to publish your book.

I have learnt 7 lessons from publishing on Amazon Kindle

Early in 2013 I went through the thrilling hassle of my first e-book on Amazon Kindle being written, published and sold. However, these errors have produced some precious lesson I can share with those of you who are about to publish your book on Amazon. These are 7 of the greatest lesson I have learnt from the publication of my first book about Amazon Kindle:

It may be clear to some but it is still an important point. In general, a book does not go on selling itself. When you think all you have to do is compose a book with great contents, publish it and lean back and earn the emoluments of tens and hundreds of thousands upon tens of dollars of sales, you' re wrong.

Sure, there may be some samples of writers whose works have become best-sellers almost exclusively through verbal propaganda, but for the remainder of us we have to do the work necessary to promote our book to the folks who are likely to buy it. No one knows anything about a well-written book that won't be selling very many pieces.

It' a good book, with a great branding tactic. Luckily for me, when I released this first book, I already had a few thousand fans on my favorite sites, and a few hundred e-mail recipients to my blogs. That' s why I was able to advertise my book to my listeners, and while this helped me to make a few initial purchases, I finally had to find out how to sell my book on Amazon to make sure it would continue to be sold.

I' m only experienced in the publication of non-fiction, but I'm quite sure that this point also holds true for novels. Your book's cover is important to you - it can make or-break the success of your book. The book's name must draw someone's eye and give them a very clear picture of what your book is about.

Particularly in the non-fiction book sector, where the reader usually looks for answers to certain issues, the book must convey that it is exactly the answer they are looking for. My first book was a book about the sale. I have described the different stages of the sale chain and given many tips and tricks to help sellers be successful, no matter what kind of products or services they sell.

The book is primarily for beginners, but also for those with many years of practice in this area. The book I chose to call the book is" Anything" - which means basically: "If you are reading this book, you will know how to make a sale". After experimenting with many different sub-titles for the book, I eventually chose one that seemed to work well.

I' ve tried everything from "A system for success in every situation" to "7 easy ways to the perfect selling point" to "A pragmatic guide to become a top seller in every industry", to name but a few. One of the great advantages of self-publishing on Amazon Kindle - you can make changes to your book as often as you like and see how the changes affect your sell.

This is the full name of the book "Sell Anything: A Turn-Key System For Succceeding In Sales". I' ve quite literally missed the amount of work I' ve done on various covers before and after the publication of my book on Amazon, my music. To be honest, I could have been writing another book in the period I spend making a "perfect cover".

DON'T make your own artwork. Creating your own artwork is probably one of the greatest waste of your own work, especially if you're not a graphics artist. Indeed, even if you are a graphics artist, this does not mean that you will be able to produce a book that will appeal to your targeted audience and sell your book.

Choose the one you like best (or maybe even try all 3 on Amazon) and ask the creator to make changes if necessary. They are more likely to buy a good if they know that other consumers have already made a purchase and used it. Evaluations are testimonies from genuine individuals who honestly agree about a particular item they have made.

When your book has no book review, there is less chance that it will be bought. That' s why you have to give your book away for free. Amazons software helps writers to give away their book for free - it's KDP Select. If you register your book with KDP Select, you can give it away for free for up to 5 working nights every 90 d...

They will be known as your free action day. You' d like as many users as possible to be able to get your book during these free promotional events. Anyone you know about your free transportation, tell them. Advertise your book on SMB. Contacting different book promotional sites and inform them on which dates your book is free.

Their aim with every action is to receive several hundred, even thousand files. It will help your book to get to the top of Amazon's rankings system and, above all, to gather ratings from those who are downloading and reading your book. Last while I was doing a free promotional for my book sold Anything, it was downloading a hundred instances, climbing to second place in Amazon's Marketing & Sale section, and receiving several good critiques that help my book get more books sold after the free promotional campaign was over.

If you publish an e-book on Amazon Kindle, you can select 7 key words for this book. Keep in mind Amazon is a full-featured searcher. Individuals go to Amazon to find items they want to buy. If someone is looking for a specific item on Amazon, they will use certain tags to find that item.

If for example, if someone is looking for a book to help them learn how to launch a blogs, they will probably enter the key words "how to launch a blog" in Amazon's searkbar. They want to find the group who are sensing for your product, so you person to qualify what key information they are most apt to use to do so.

Inclusion of the key words that your audience will most likely use in the book's titles will help positioning your book as the answer to their problemw. As soon as someone finds your book on Amazon, there are almost exactly only 4 facts that will affect their choice to buy your book: its name, its coverage, its reports and its descriptions.

By the way, the definition is one of the most ignored parts of the publication proces. I' ve seen several hundred Amazon-book (!) with brief, obscure and even horrible text. It is certainly not helpful to describe a book in this way. With Amazon you can add up to 4,000 chars to the book name.

Once a prospective client has come this far to read the descriptions of your book, they are probably only seconds away from choosing whether or not to buy it. These are some hints to help you describe it well: This is my last tip for you: don't try to make your book look good before you publish it.

I only needed about a whole week or so to finish my first book, and another one or two weeks or so to overhaul it. (yes, I did it myself - which I don't really recommend). However, I have listened to tales of individuals who have written their book for a few month or even years to make it "perfect".

Like I said before, the great thing about posting an e-book on Amazon Kindle is that you can make changes to it almost immediately and as often as you want. As soon as your book is reformatted and processed (by an editorial staff other than yourself, of course), you can put it up!

You can use this feed-back when someone reads your book and writes a review to make changes as needed. In contrast to a pocket book that cannot be modified after printing, an e-book can be refreshed as often as necessary. And the other is that I strongly suggest that you get your book on line as soon as possible, because it can't even be sold.

I' m not saying you' re gonna produce a crummy book. I thought you could make an outstanding book. However, the truth is that sometimes there is simply no specific book markets. They don't want to waste month or even years trying to find out that nobody is buying a book.

If it turns out that there is a real book for it, consider spending more of your own resources to make it even better. One of the things I wanted to do was to make sure I gave you as much value as possible, and store some of the big errors I made when I first used Amazon Kindle Publishing.

To become an writer is a very thrilling and worthwhile endeavor, and it's even more thrilling when your book is sold! By following the guidance I gave you above, I am sure your book will be a great hit.

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