Publish Stories Online and get Paid

Post stories online and get them paid for

We will also put your submission at the top of the queue so that you get a faster response time. Receive paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and much more! We' ll talk to you on the phone and evaluate your story. When appropriate, we will agree a fee to be paid upon publication. However, it is the place to discuss how easy (or not) it will be to publish your fiction.

Are you paid to publish your work!

By 2017 at a beginning, here are 4 new editors looking for your history now. Yes, the best part is that you get paid to publish your work.... These publishing houses usually pay via PayPal, so help is here if you need alternate solutions to PayPal.

The first issue is now open until 31 January 2017! Notion: Fiction: We will publish a novel with 900 words or less in issue no. 1. Genres and contents rules are relaxed, although our literature editors are willing to take work with a more serious note than work without it.

In all cases we encourage our students to be creative and to experiment. The release comes with a $25 fee. Edition number one also contains a compelling or one-on-one paper with 250 words or less. Captivating, smart and correspondingly relaxing sound is promoted; think of the sound of David Foster Wallace's article. It encourages creativeness and flexibilty, even though the term "border" is harsh.

The release comes with a $25 fee. If Black Rabbit receives expert, imaginative, fascinating entries in this highly unique section, there will be a non-musical, abstracted audio video under or for about 90 seconds. The release comes with a $25 fee. Fine Art: Issue No. 1 shows a work of art of abstracted expressionistic paintings, drawings or collages.

The release comes with a $25 fee. Musicians and writers should be free and encourage to send in entries at the same time, although Black Rabbit asks you to contact our employees immediately if such entries are to be received elsewhere. Musicians and writers are invited to apply for each open submission categories for which they have submitted works under the Directives, although they are restricted to one work in each group.

Deadline for entries is 31 January. Unsurpassed since 2012, Crystal Lake Publishing has quickly developed into one of the world's premier independent publishing houses for dark fiction mysteries, thrillers and suspended music. The Crystal Lake Publishing team places great emphasis on honesty, honour and awe. This is 3 Cent (US) a term that is paid via PayPal within one weeks of its release.

Dreamining-robot press releases sci-fi and phantasy stories for a young, adult and medium sized public. Pay $0.06 per second. The dreamy robotic compactor believes that this is especially important for stories we are undergoing. In our opinion, both their stories and their impact can be outstanding.

To make sure that all kids find a model they can relate to, we are dedicated to posting stories about a variety of personalities and different personalities. I was looking for some bad stories. Untitled brief stories of horrors that the reader arrested and followed for month. Tales have to be inventive. Tales have to be inventive.

Stories that are NOT in the default script size will be denied. Tales should not exceed 7,000 words. We do, however, like stories around 4,000 words. Payments are $0. 03 US dollars per words via PayPal. Are you paid to publish your work! Please note, you can be paid for the publication!

You don't have to prepay anyone to publish your work!

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