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The Readkadhai is a website where you can read and write short stories in English and Tamil. As we know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone to publish your Western or historical stories. The use of Facebook stories is a great opportunity to get more attention for your business. Learn how to publish a story from your Facebook page. Sharing your stories with the world.

Where can I publish my stories online (in both English and Tamil())?

Readkadhai is the place to publish your stories and poems. The Readkadhai is a website where you can tell and post stories in English and Tamil. They can also enter papers about eating, traveling, politics, sciences, start-ups etc., give your full detail like socio-problems - It's a little mystery )

They are easy to accept! Another thing I would like to tell you - they are sharing your history (if it is accepted) on a large scale VERY BIG! If your case is approved, please let me know!

Fiction in the West and Fact in the West

As we know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone to publish your stories, whether in the West or in history. They give us a history, the right to publish your work online, to update it in our archive and to put it in a printed edition, e.g. in an Anthologie. What: We are looking for well-written stories, stories that contain a contradiction.

We are interested in westerly stories, westerly histories, etc. It would be nice to hear a tale about it. E-mail your history. Include your history in the text of the e-mail. Not absoluteness, but your history should be between 1,500 and 5,000 words. When it is longer than 5,000 words, divide it into approximately equally large slices for serialisation, not longer than 5,000 words.

E-mail the full history and all sections in one. If necessary, please provide an up-to-date biography with each of them. Insert it into the text of the e-mail, immediately after "the end". Add the message taser. We will notify you as soon as we determine whether or not we may publish your history.

It also fixes minor technical bugs if they can be quickly and simply corrected and do not significantly alter the history's stylistic or context. When your history requires important structuring, we will contact you so that you can choose what to do. We' re not publishing a history that doesn't comply with our own standard.

No inquiries should be sent. You just tell the tale. Filing a history with us gives us the right to reprint your history, manage it in our archives and reprint your history in a library of other stories. At the same and the same date, you can file your history in other locations (multiple submission), but please let us know if it will be posted elsewhere, unless you still want to publish it here.

Could you publish the same tale here and elsewhere? We' re not paying for stories. But if your history is included in one of our collections, you can buy as many examples of this collection as you like. This way you can make a living with your history.

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