Publish Short Stories Online for Money

Post short stories online for money

You can' t make money just publishing. You' re gonna have to sell, and you' re gonna have to market. "The Final Thoughts On How To Publish Short Stories For Money". This makes it possible to publish short stories individually and not as anthologies. Online Flash Fiction Check and print publications for the payment of short stories.

Twelve short story publishers paying $1,000 or more

Below is a listing of publishing houses that are paying $1,000 for short stories. There are several kinds of publication in this listing, among them literature periodicals, newspapers and eBook-publishing. A few editors are paying more than $1,000, some are paying less from time to time, but all are paying $1,000 for at least some of the stories they publish.

You will find that this listing is overwhelmed by editors of sci-fi and phantasy. One of the reasons for this is the effort of the Sci-Fi and Phantasy authors of America, who work really harder to make sure that the authors get a fair price. Hérès and Heartbreakers is an impressum of the big publisher MacMillan.

You will receive short stories with a length of 15k-30k words. As the cap on this length moves into new terrain, they are paying an upfront of $1,000 to $2,000, according to length, against a 25% license upfront. For more information, please see the submissions policy. One of the most important journals in the world.

You' re paying 7-12 eurocents a week, up to 25,000 words. You want stories that address "all imaginary and sci-fi readers". They' re particularly interested in getting more funny stories. For more information, please see the submit policy. Although not exactly a short stories publishing house, Choose of Games provides ample payment to writers for creating engaging novels.

If you are an experienced writer with earlier releases, you can submit an application to work for them. They' ll give $500 for a draft, $1,000 for a first section and another $1,000 if they have agreed to the first 10,000 words of a tale. When you are not an incumbent writer, you can still be approved for release - with a 25% royalty instead of an upfront.

For more information, please see the submissions policy. The journal Cicada Magazines is a young adults' journal with a predominantly youthful readership. You' re paying $0.25 per words, up to 9,000 words, which means a $2,250 limit. Deadline for submissions. The Cricket Magazines is a young readers' publication for the 9-14 age group. They' re paying $0.25 a second.

They do, however, sometimes serialise stories with up to 6,000 words. Deadline for submission. Goal is an outstanding fictional speculation. Their rules include imagination, fear, sci-fi, imagination and alternate stories. Deadline for submission. SUN is a nice, ad-free journal that produces literature. The Sun is an autonomous, advertising-free month's publication that has been "awakening the splendour and sorrow of humanity" with words and photos for forty years.

They' re paying up to $1,500 for belles. Deadline for submissions. Klarkesworld is a sci-fi journal that has won many prizes, among them 3 Hugo Achievements. You' re paying $0.10 per words for the first 5,000 words and $.08 cent per after that. Deadline for submissions. Harper's Magazines is "America's oldest general-interest magazine".

As a rule, they publish provocative essays on current topics. You will also receive unasked belletristic contributions. They have written many well-known authors, among them Jonathan Franze, Annie Dillard and David Foster Wallace. Whilst they do not publish their prices, they are expecting them to be very good. Guidelines for submission. New Yorker is probably the most lucrative publication in the game.

They have been a basic foodstuff of the US literature world for many years. You will be asked to agree to short stories sent in without being asked. Publishing through them is almost impossibility--but it happens, and it can start your scareer. Guidelines for submission. Asimov' s sci-fi is an incumbent publishing house for sci-fi.

You' re paying ~8 Cent per words for stories up to 20,000 words. That'?s $1,600 a piece, tops. Guidelines for submission. The Analog is a journal for sci-fi and facts. You' ll be paying 8-10 cent per words up to 7,500 words and 8.5 cent per words for longer stories.

You publish "stories in which one of the aspects of futuristic sciences or technologies is so integrated into the action that if that point were taken out, history would break down". For more information, please see the submissions policy. You can find even more short stories publishing houses among 19 short stories publishing houses that are paying more than $500 per history.

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