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Sign up for free at Fiverr and create an appearance with your own poems for your customers. A lot of poets are against free verses, they would accuse me of breaking the rules. Completely free with optional paid memberships. Now we have an online system with which you can send us your work. It will always be free.

Periodic submission guidelines

Entries are open all year round, always welcome and always free. In spite of their increasing distribution in the literature scene, we do not believe in and never will. Concurrent entries are welcome. When the work is received elsewhere, simply attach a Submittable notice or, if you submit it in paper form, an e-mail to let us know.

In any case, we will not publish anything without your signatures; if another publication precedes us, happy birthday! Printed performers get $100/poem and a free year' s subscriptions to the mag. A $50/poem will be given to online performers. Entries are eligible for the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor, which is endowed with $1,000 by the editorial staff.

and we like poetry of any length. Sending up to four verses at once. We are looking for poetry that moves us, makes us smile, makes us cry or teaches us something new. Like both free verses and conventional shapes - we try to publish a prestigious mixture of what we have.

Many of our poetry is written and only those who are singular, enlightening and musically catch the eye - regardless of age. As our editions cover about 70 pages of poetry, one of the most important things we are looking for is variety; we have enough space to be eco-conscious and we are planning to use it.

So, while most journals suggest you read their earlier editions to get an idea of what they would like to publish, we recommend that you read to get an idea of what we can't find - if you see a particular theme or theme that we don't seem to publish, do so! We are always excited about your entries and we always appreciate them.

Every Tribut collects poetry of a certain ethnical, professional, stilistic or societal group. We are currently looking for contributions from persons of poetry for our 2019 edition. Describe why you are writing in person. No longer publishing fiction stories, we use them as micro-essays at the end of each series.

Every Sunday at least we publish a poetry online, which was composed about a recent one. It is an attempt to show how writers respond and interacted with the rest of the planet in near-realtime, and to engage in wider open debate. In order to help us remain organised, we ask that these verses be sent to us only through the Submittable port.

Contributions per weeks must be submitted by Friday noon. This information should be included with each submission: When you submit your files online, use the appropriate boxes when uploading to Submittable, but don't enter your name or your contacts anywhere in the files themselves. When you submit by post, only your name and your address details should be included in the covering letters, not in the write.

To be as honest as possible, we disregard the poet's name when we read entries, and that makes it easy. Please also write a brief message to the writer. I wanted your memo to tell us who you are and why you like poetry. The participants' memos should be in the first character and should be in the style of this example:

Notices in this format are only required upon receipt - they do not have to be attached to every entry, although we would like it. They can unsubscribe from our mailinglist at any moment in written or by e-mail: The fee for the printed work ( "from us to you in return for your work") is $100 and a free annual journal membership, which includes the edition in which your work is published.

The fee for online work only is $50. Copyrights are owned by the author. In order to become technically, we need First Privileges, i.e. we want to be the first publishers to present the music. That means that we do not consider poetry that has been printed in a book, magazine or newspaper, in a printed form or online.

However, we will consider poetry that has only been posted to blog posts, messaging board posts or online account postings. Although the writers reserve all copyright to their works, we publish everything we publish on the back of the website after it has been posted in printed form and therefore need non-exclusive electronic permissions. Do not ask, we will respond to every entry.

Once you are logged into your profile, you can review the e-submission state at any point in the game. Should we choose to publish one of them, you have the option of revising the car models at this point in the game. Typing errors occur; we do not reject poetry lightly because of them.

It really doesn't matter how you sign up, we just want to just browse - but Submittable is so easy for everyone, and the overwhelming bulk of entries come this way, so we don't take e-mail in. Use Submittable's online Submittable Entry Managers if you wish to file electronically: In order to ship your poetry the old-fashioned way, please provide the necessary information and enclose either a prepaid return cover and/or an e-mail-adress so that we can respond to you.

We will only ship your poem back if the required amount of shipping is on your cover. Submittable is preferable for entries from abroad - if you still wish to enter on genuine papers, please do not use international reply coupons. Please forward the application directly to our office:

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