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It is fully compatible for publication in apps and as an online PDF viewer. Publishing and sharing PDF port folios <font color="#ffff00">/** /** (cmiqueo) Experience Manager betavideo hijack * Hatch to change the size of a page in betavideo that requires a log-in */ $(function(){ if( location.href.

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Acrobat can transform a PDF portfolio into an SWF that others can display on a Web site. Full featured navigational and visual checks are available to website accessed people. In order to get a sneak peek at the presentation of the PDF portfolio on a website, publish the contents on the website.

Previewing the released PDF Portfolio on your computer is not possible.

Hint: A new directory makes it easy to find the stored music. It contains the website and a web browser. Allows you to modify the index.html document. You can, for example, customize the appearance of an already created website or integrate the PDF portfolio into an already created website.

Copy-and-paste the whole datafolder and the index.html to a webserver. You can use FTP, mounting the host as a hard drive, or any other way to do this. Write down the webadress (.url) of the stored HTML-files. Earlier Flash Player releases cannot display a released PDF Portfolio.

You' re not allowed to publish Acrobat 9 PDF Portfolio on a Web site. Only use system typefaces in the PDF Portfolio, unstyled text, embedding typefaces, or other typefaces in use. Viewing the index.html from a web page browser (http:// or https://), not your computer. Eliminate the need to add SWF files or video to your PDF portfolio.

Movie and SWF files attached to a PDF Portfolio are not support.

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