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To publish your own book

The ads have worked for my book and are also affordable. The writing of your book is the simple part. The real challenge begins with publication. Create your own custom printed books.

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A lot of us would like to see what we have printed. Only very few future writers find a publishers for what they have published. Self-publication is the response. It is often called a "vanity publisher", but there is nothing in vain about your work being beautifully tied and seen on the shelves of you, your families and your mates.

And if you only have a few hand-written pages, we can turn it into a textbook - although that wouldn't be too expensive, of course, as it would take a lot of work! You can also have your books printed.

Unfortunately, smaller volumes cannot be covered for volumes of volumes requiring spines, but folding and stitching can be done in smaller volumes if required. If you wish, you can also make your copy available on our website for ordering or downloading, according to your choices.

Whilst this might seem like a lot of moneys, it is often moneys best disbursed because a product that is stuffed with imperfections has not been sold and any moneys that are tired for writing it has been overspent. Since it is almost not possible to capture everything in a simple proofreading, and because the writer often makes changes after the first editing, proofreading after the design is necessary.

However, it makes no sense to publish many of them if you are not sure you are going to sell them! They are wasteful assets. Irrespective of where you are in southern Africa or even in the rest of the globe, we can easily provide you with a print-ready data set that you can have reprinted on site.

When Boutique and Boutique Booking take over the design of your eBook for you, we can also provide you with your eBook in the following formats: . xhtml (mobi (kindle), . xhtml ) and as a PDF. You should have a different ISBN for your e-book than for your print one. Remember that it is not easy to compile e-books that are difficult to read or that contain many charts and graphics.

It is a documentary about the hard time with God's help. It' about a woman's long voyage through a complex intersession with a man she had to ally with. Ups and downs, pleasures and worries, the hurtful passage to ripeness and self-image are conjured up vigorously in a textbook to which only a few females cannot refer.

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