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Do you plan to publish your novel one day? You often see authoring platforms defined by numbers online. Irrespective of whether the book is in Hindi or English, you have control over every aspect of publishing your novel or book. You gave me the courage to publish a novel I wrote. In the meantime, check out my self-published novel:

Publicising - Is it a poor concept to post single sections of my ideas as feedbacks onlin?

I' ve written at least 6-7 sections of this manual that I've concentrated on, but what I want to ask is, is it prudent to write what I have so far on line for your comments? Do I just expect someone to come across my work and take it for themselves, and when my work is finished and released, would you or others already be too comfortable with how the work will develop and not care about it?

My but not vampire beings of any kind (they will not exist in my book/series-universe, but three kinds of werewolf throughout the entire set that I have in my minds (two separated, the first being Rougarou or Roug, in a word, and Dire Hounds for the second and a mixture of the two that I am planning to call "Lybrid").

Most of the first volume will be "grounded", but it will be "spiked" with "unexplainable events" (how much I'm not sure yet). Oh! and my protagonist will be silent and mainly communicating in US sign language (although I honestly have no clue how to present it in the script as I write Multiple POV with Third Person), while I also suffer from a certain amount of apnea (for how long I haven't chosen, but probably until the end of this continuation idea).

I' ve never put anything of my work on line, let alone for advice/feedback, so should I do it?

Self-publication of your novel on Kindle

Post and sale your novel right now! When you are an independent writer, you can bring your work to a worldwide readership when you post on Kindle. Whilst there are other ebooks like Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, most independent writers find that the lion's share oftheir titles are bought through Amazon's Kindle Shop.

As a matter of fact, more than 80% of Englishspeaking e-books are bought on Kindle instead of the other workstations. There is still a growth in the notebook arena, and the writers are currently recording 35% of all notebook purchases from the Kindle memory. Just think, your books in the online bookcase next to a Big Five game!

But if you want to be a succesful independent writer (self-publisher), it is important that you look good, adhere to the right logs and maximize your chances of succeed. Whilst some independent writers like to dive into the tech side of Kindle or are willing to stumble through the labyrinth of possibilities they have to go through with Amazon, we know that effective self-publishing is the RIGHT decision.

Describes the precise process you need to follow to create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) user group. Getting your books properly formatted. Items of an e-mail that will help him Selling. Uploading your work to the largest worldwide bookseller to make it accessible to an overseas public.

Become familiar with the extra advertising options offered through Amazon's KDP Select programme at the Kindle Shop. Independent publication advice that raises awareness and helps Amazon Selling your work for you and informing your readership of any upcoming works you do. As you can see your sale stories in Amazon's 12 shops, you can make specific choices for each area.

For how long do you have Internet self-study for? You' ll get unrestricted one-year entry (from the date of purchase), so you have enough free space to study everything you need.

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