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This article is an answer to the question of where to publish stories online. The novel received a new book review yesterday that aggravated my dilemma. Writers must either secure a publishing house or publish themselves. Be it online or offline, our stories stay with you. We also accept graphic novels and visual narratives.

Do you need to publish your novel online for free?

F: Is it a good plan to publish an unreleased novel on a monthly blogs? I' ve got a finished sci-fi novel and was considering publishing it online, but I wasn't sure I should. Is it a good advertisement for my novel, or would it be more difficult to publish my novel in the world?

Tiffany A. Publishing your materials online free of charge has advantages and disadvantages. Let's begin with the disadvantages, because nobody cares about the prospective professionals (sky-high blogs, making too much profit, getting on the WD covers, etc.). One of the greatest scams you face by giving away your letter online is that you could potentially injure prospective booksales.

Anyone who opposes free online contents is happy to ask: After all, why would folks be paying for the contents if they could pound on your website and reread it for free (after all, that's not one of the main reasons fighting newspapers)? A lot of reporters and writers are also suspicious when it comes to appending themselves to texts already posted online, because as soon as you put them online, they are regarded as posted, albeit digitial.

They can also be prepared for face-to-face humiliation - in a web anonymous environment, bad, tasteless commentaries are published on even the best fonts. You can also be very discouraging if you publish your work on your blogs, review Google Analytics to see how many visitors you have and find out that your audience is only four persons - your two close ones, your mother and someone called Spambot1.

At the same time, there are significant advantages to publishing your work on the web. To start with, some commentators might give useful feedbacks that will give you an insight into what works and what doesn't in your novel. Though it may be a raise to have this unedited novel somewhere other than in your lingerie drawer that collects powder as you purchase it around to the media.

Of course, the number 1 reason publishe your work online is to build a following of faithful readers enjoying your typing. This is known as a "platform" in the printing sector and is very appealing to agencies, journalists and publications. When you are able to attract a built-in public, you have already proved that there is a niche for your letter, and that can go a long way when it comes to submitting it.

Authors such as Cory Doctorow, Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood (to name but a few) are giving away their writings online for free (the latter two do it via podcast) and have been very successful. They all have more tradition of publisher succes through bookstores, lectures and more. All are stubborn advocates of the publication of your work online for everyone to enjoy free reading.

Give your work away online in the Hopes of Abseiling a Conventional Agreement is much like online dating ý you put all your best assets on ad for your possible bidders to see and hopefully someone to bite.

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