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It is more likely that you want to publish your work yourself if: Boost your career through strategic publishing - avoid oversaturated e-retailers like Amazon and migrate to mobile storytelling. Thinking about writing for publication? The website, the blog and the magazine publish a variety of texts and works of art. These are just a few of the thoughts that regularly race through my brain:

Write online: 3 mistakes and 4 hints

Rebooking an article already republished on your offical website? Before posting anything else, you need to observe some grounding ( and prevent certain pitfalls) so as not to jump into steam. We have repeatedly stated that most writers of literature magazines refuse works that have been posted somewhere on the internet.

When you are planning to write a brief play for a literature magazine, make a mistake on the page of prudence and do not publish it first. Today, more and more consumers are browsing the web. However, if you publish your storyline in pale grey on a darkgrey backdrop, prospective viewers will take a look at your writing and look away.

Error #3: You can jamm all extracts and write examples on one page. When your sample page becomes too long, split it open and distribute it over several pages. When you want a name as a pro author, you need to write your letter on-line.

There are no longer any "optional" authors' web sites. This is your task schedule for the publication of your texts on the web: Create an authoring website so that you have a single point of reference for your writing. If you don't have a single, public page, your writing will not have an on-line store window, which means that your prospective reader will be dispersed and diverted.

Find out more about Web Relieffor Autor Website Theme. Links to other sites that have contributed your work. Linking to a legitimate website that has released your letter takes your credibility to a new level. Instead of publishing your work on your website, you should direct your reader (using the "Open in a new window" technique) to the publisher who initially publishes a work.

If you are reading your work in the contexts of the source release, the effect can be strong. Publish extracts or tracks from previously released works directly to your own site. When a work is in the press and you can't create a hyperlink to a place where the reader can watch it on-line, go ahead and publish it on your own website.

Booking "the right amount" of materials. That will be different for every writer. So if you are a writer looking for an editor, there is no need to publish your whole story on-line (unless you have started a very effective and intensive publicity promotion for a self-published book).

Actually, most frahlings don't want you to publish your whole story on line. You should match the amount you put in. A handfull of your best works (with full-length excerpts) is sufficient. Though Overkill can be boring to the reader and work against you (in relation to offer and demand).

Q: Have you ever put your letter on-line? Psssst! for the next few weeks when we show you how to maximise the coverage of your onlinebooks!

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