Publish my Story

To publish my story

Select Publish File from the Story menu in the Story Map. Did you write a short story that was never published? Otherwise your book could qualify for release on Amazon. Create a story, make it your own, share it with others. The story - Journeys of hope and recovery.

Selling us your story - Take A Breake

Selling us your story! Please use our online story sheet as a guideline. You do not have to make any commission payments through your contact with us and you have to deal with our employees whom you can rely on. Simply fill out the following questionnaire and one of our skilled authors will get in touch with you.

We' ll talk to you on the telephone and evaluate your story. When appropriate, we will arrange a royalty to be payable upon release. Payments are made four to six months after the date of publishing. What's the beginning of your story? Where does your story end?

Publication of a story for members

If you are creating a story, click the drop-down list at the top of the tool. Press Publish to store your changes. You' re remunerated every single quarter on the basis of members' readings and applauses, and you can follow your progression every single quarter on your partner dashboard. Notice: You can only create a story as a member-only story on the screen.

What do my tales do for a living? Currently, the authors of the affiliate program are remunerated monthly for how members deal with storytelling. A few determinants are the read duration (how long the members read a story) and the clapping rate (how many members clap). The $5 monthly subscriptions of each member are shared in proportion to the story each member has written this months.

So, if someone deals with 10 tales in a given time period, their subscriptions are given to these writers only. Gossiping is an important part of how much you can make per story. If members applaud for a story, part of their $5 months dues will be disbursed to the writer.

Is the decision to make a living with a story going to restrict my audiences? If you can make a story fit for pay, anyone can see your work, including: Non-members who can view a selected number of free story lines each time. When I publish my story in there?

So the more you split, the more your story gets out. Is it still necessary to advertise tales that make a living with the use of it? Sponsoring your stories based on online marketing can help you find more people. Do you have a month limitation on how many histories can make a living? No. You can make a living with anything you publish.

Is it possible to make a living with previously posted tales? While you can work on a story directly in the editors to make cash with an already posted story, members' prior involvement will not be counted toward your income. Can the affiliate program make a profit? Unfortunately, serials are currently not entitled to make a living.

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