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Sad truth is, I could have done a lot, a lot more on my eBook. Do not work with a publisher that does not allow you to set your own price. To get an idea of the general market size, I suggest you click on "Kindle eBooks". I' ll give you a short overview of how I published my book myself: It is my own property on Amazon where people can search for it.

Like one publishes an e-Book

In recent years, e-books have revolutionized the publisher world. The proportion of e-books in the total volume of the printing business is increasing rapidly. In the meantime, the easiness of ebook publication and sales opens up new horizons for editors at all phases of their careers - bestselling editors rejuvenate their backs; others find readership for previously refused scripts; and self-published fiction writer, shorts and even blogs find it remarkably simple to post and distribute their works in e-publishing.

As an almost subsequent thought, I chose to make e-book releases available. In that first monthly my e-book income was $11 (?8); I had been selling about 6 of them. My work is nonfiction - the novels are even better. What's great about e-book editing is that it works for everything. If you rate your e-book correctly, you can post full-length novels, feature films, shorts or fictional files, custom shorts - even your own blogs.

Usually I suggest that authors post their e-books in two places at once: and Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly Digital Text Platform). It ensures that your eBook is available for all important e-reading equipment and in all large e-book shops. Simply keep in mind to fix the same listed prices for your work on both sides.

I have found that e-books are not sold unless they are significantly cheaper than their printed equivalents. Mine' is $2.99 (working with Smashwords and Amazon, all rates are in US dollars). Much of the e-books that sale in significant numbers are valued between $99 c - $4. 99 (with the exclusion of the main title that will be disclosed by publishers).

They want your textbook to be reasonably affordable enough to encourage e-book users to "seize an opportunity," but not so low that you are sending them a subtext that isn't much of a note. In order to post an e-book about Smashwords and Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, you need the following:

Keep in mind that a good front page is as important for an e-book as it is for a printed one. If you don't have them yet, register for free Amazon and Smashwords account. In order to release your e-book, you need to load a Microsoft Word document to Amazon and Smashwords and have them converted to the right e-book-format.

With the words of Smashwords' Style Guide: There are less than twenty page break in my e-book, for example. Whether it's the simple old Word doc you and your editors used to work from, or the inside of your Pocket PC pocketbook, open your script files and get rid of everything that just doesn't work in an e-book.

Either release it, or keep the plain text in it for later use, e.g. remove the text from a text field, clear the text field and put the text in a full italic. On the Mac, choose Paste and Match Styles to match the TextEdit text and not the text you are inserting because it does not serve the intended use.

Now work in this new MS Word file, starting from the beginning, marked with the whole text again, go to Format -> Styl. You' re going to have your own styles reset to regular, but there' s a good chance that regular isn't what you want. To change this to OK, click OK, and then click Accept. Changing the default MS Word styles.

Keep the entire text marked, then go to Format -> Heel and make the setting individual line distance without additional place before or after, left-justified with indentation of the first line to 0.3?. Go to the Design view (View -> Design view) and make your sales returned (click the small sales returned icon on the tool bar that looks like a back P).

This is what your textbook should look like now: Here is what I do as I walk through the book: Center your e-book-compliant front pages, complete with licensing notices ( "Tip: make a new, edited text with the text centred rather than indent in the first line so that our text is fully formatted).

Anything on the front of your e-book is not the same as anything on the front of your printed work. We will use a Smashwords copyrights and licensing hint for this example, but you can simply change it if necessary. N. B.: This is necessary for uploading Smashwords, and it is the only thing I leave you in the middle.

The eBooks are for your use only. You may not resell or distribute this email to anyone else. If you want to split this copy with another individual, please buy an extra copy for each one. If you are viewing this and have not bought it or it was not bought just for your use, please go back to and buy your own copy.

" Instead, go back to Format -> Styles and set up a new one. Add page break between sections (non-fiction/not many sections) or between sections (fiction/20+ sections). Since some page wraps are ignored, you always have a carriage returns above and below the wrapper, so that the text is not crushed completely in this case.

If you want to add a page makeup, choose Paste -> Makeup -> Page makeup. Add a bookmark to the title of a section (non-fiction/not many chapters) or at the beginning of a section or part (fiction/20+ chapters) so that you can later generate a working directory, i.e. you can click on the index and go directly to a specific point in the text.

Add a checkmark by selecting Insert -> Checkmark and name it as it is, e.g. e.g. section one, part II, etc. In this picture you can also see that to begin a new section, I just jump over a line and make my headline bolder. Put all your web links in place, i.e. Insert -> Hyperlink.

Add e-book endpoints such as your own blogs, the title of your other eBooks, etc. The last line in the e-book should be centred "#####END#####" so that the readers know that it has arrived at the end of the e-book. Do you have more than four sales returns somewhere in your work.

Ebook scanners allow the reader to significantly resize their fonts, and if you make too many sales returns, your reader will end up with empty pages at some character resizing options. Here you can pause and jump to Steps 6, upload your e-books and review them if you are satisfied with your work as it is, or you can put in some chimes and pipes, such as:

Backpacked's online directory in the e-book edition. It is the basic concept that you add a checkmark at the beginning of each section, go back to the beginning and enter a directory and then make each item in the spreadsheet an active, working link that, when you click on it, leads the user to the checkmark.

In order to add a file name to a selected file, click on Paste -> Hyperlink and then in the appearing dialog on "Document" for shortcuts and choose the corresponding one. In order to paste an existing file, you must choose Paste -> Paste file -> From file. "To verify this, right-click on the photo and choose Format Photo -> Layout.

I' ll make sure mine doesn't extend beyond 3 inch across the monitor. On the above picture I have added another caption styles. Anything in your pocketbook can flow into your e-book - all you have to do is use your imaginations. The text fields are simple: Just take the text out and give it either your own text section with a value to be returned at the top and bottom, or just add it like any other section, just bolder and/or italics.

One of my formatter clients had a spreadsheet in their online books - you can't put that in an e-book (and there's no point in doing it anyway), so I told her to make it into a PDF and tell her e-book reader to go to her website to get it.

In the case of notes, I went to the text in which the note appear in the actual text and went back to the next section and then added it in angle parentheses (see emphasized section in the picture below). How do you do that in an e-book? I' ve taken a screenshot of the headers as it will appear in the MS Word file that is inside my workbook.

I then added this as an illustration in the e-book. While the remainder of the text, i.e. the remainder of the text in each of these bibliographic passages, will be the same, at least the captions will make the reader aware that they are different. This is what the e-book looks like:

You will need to load your files onto Smashwords and during the conversion process you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions and Amazon's Kindle Reader Software (both free) on your computer. When your textbook goes online, please load the version. and. mobi ( "Kindle") from the page of your textbook and verify them with the applications you have just loaded.

When they look great, publish your ledgers immediately (click "Unpublish" on your Smashwords dashboard) and try again. In case of trouble, please feel free to use the Smashwords Style Guide. Frankly, you don't need anything else - if you obey the directions, your Smashwords and Amazon KDP will make your eBook look great.

After a very long epiphany tag of e-book sizing. As a rule, e-book shops provide a free trial of the first 25% of your work. It' just like leafing through a few pages of a bookshop, and the more of the free books a readers is reading, the more they will invest in it, and the more they will have to spend to get the remainder.

I' m saying don't look at it, but I' m sure you will find a great deal of information about the desired format, form and finish of your artwork. I had to, because I had no idea what it was about anyway.) Instead, Catherine' s hit and Miss But Ultimately Simpler Way of Uploading Your Covestream follows:

You probably don't have a title picture if you don't have a printed copy yet. They are just as important for e-books as they are for printing issues; they give you a great indication of the standard of qualitiy that you can await to get into the ledger behind them.

They now have an e-book for purchase. Smashwords says the top five format bugs: Repetition of paragraphs. Incorrect parting. Didn't mention the just-heel heel here because it makes my readers cook my own bloody books, but either use it OR the first line infeed. Typographical and stylistic flaws.

Took a few attempts to get my e-book right, and I found that the errors I made were included: Not all my texts are normal. As soon as everything is in order and has been reconverted, your e-book will appear on line for purchase. To achieve the widest possible range of Smashwords, you must send in your textbook for Premium Catalog listing.

When you do so, and taking into consideration your Amazon download, your eBook will appear over time: Barnes and Noble's E-Book-Shop for Nook (only in the USA). To see how many items you have oversubscribed, check your Amazon KDP and Smashwords bank balances now.

Amazons update almost in near-realtime; Smashwords once a week or so and with a lag. Amazon pays them once every two moths per US Dollars (from US sales) or UK Pounds (for UK sales) and Smashwords pays them once a week via Paypal. With a little bit of good fortune, you'll become the best-selling e-book writer in no time at all!

She is one of Ireland's most popular self-publishers, has been featured in the Sunday Times, the BBC and RTE radio and television interviews, and her novel is just as good to buy Mousetrapped here.

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