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It is not as difficult to publish as it can be confusing because there are so many possibilities. If publishers can sell their books online, why not writers? Easily publish, print and sell your books and ebooks. This of course also happens with traditionally published books. You can sell through the best online retailers.

What is the simplest way to post a novel on-line?

Publish is not as hard as it can be irritating because there are so many possibilities. Good publication demands know-how and careful preparation. Publish quickly, is easy to choose an on-line website and follow their instructions. Whatever type of options you give away your allocation privileges by using a free ISBN from the on-line firm, you know the right classes and tag-outs to pick where your product is selling, how your product compares to others in the same classes and so much more.

Which is your merchandising schedule and have you developed your authoring platforms. There are so many writers just uploading their textbooks without correct scheduling that believes it sells because its available on-line. It will be completed with about five million more titles currently in press. In such a vast ocean of textbooks, how should your work be perceived?

Choosing how to release your textbook determines where it can be purchased. See other writers suggest Kindle, but is that really the best thing? Which Kindle platforms, Kindle Direct or Kindle Choose? Choose is exclusively and means that your books cannot be purchased anywhere else than at Amazon. Yeah, it will pay 70% instead of 35% on Direct and give you 5 free nights per quater, but it won't start stacking up to Ganxy.

You can do the hardest thing by jumping into the release before you create a soundsheet. There' s a lot to comprehend and your decisions will have a direct impact on the performance of your work.

Successfully publishing your novel on-line

Paul Brown sits down to author a work in 2012, but he has no agents, let alone a contract with a publisher. Two years on and Paul is now a bestseller thriller, with his debut'Hide and Seek', which sold over 100,000 pieces on Kindle and was included in Amazon's top 100 bestseller listing.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time', the first of his D.S. Ripley trilogies, is available at Amazon and the second part will be available from September 2015. So why did you release your novel yourself instead of going the old-fashioned way through an agen? At the beginning I was not interested in releasing my first book'Hide and Seek'.

It was my own aim to compose the script. I' ve always wanted to make a novel before I was 30. I was miserable at work two years later and chose to quit my work and take a year off to finish my script and choose what to do next in my Iife.

There was not much confidence in the tradition of the publisher. There is plenty of free space to find a long listing of agent who like your bookstyle. It just felt like trying to accept your textbook through the old-fashioned way of publication was like a roulette match in Russia - and I never felt like a happy one.

It was about two young ladies who had published their own books after years of refusal by conventional editors. So I went on the web and began exploring the growing number of eBooks and available alleys to publicize myself.

My story in the women's journal focused specifically on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publisher platforms, so I focused on it. I' ve just been downloading the instructions and spending a few hour reformatting my work. There' are a number of other things you should consider before you publish your novel.

You' ll need to create an eye-catching flap text that will interest the reader in your story, and you should also have a professionally crafted dust jacket that even looks fascinating as a picture in thumbnails. By entering the listed prices, the website will show you the amount of commissions you are earning per novel.

Once you have your documents and covers up, added your folder text and fixed your rates, you can start publishing your novel. The KDP will take up to five working day before your novel is published on Amazon. Once you are reasonably familiar with Microsoft Word, it will probably only take a few short sessions to reformat your textbook to the necessary specification.

The KDP provides a free handbook (Building Your Bookt for Kindle) and manuals to help you do this. When you are not sure how to format the textbook yourself, there are a number of individuals who do so. Alliance of Independent Authors is a prestigious website that offers a directory of verified experts who can help you with all facets of self-publication, from how to format your books, to how to design a covers to how to write an eye-catching blur.

In the next few months it seemed that verbal propaganda was set to spread as the volume moved further up the chart and to the top 100 in the Amazon region on January 13, 2013, where it remained for over 100 nights. I' d say the biggest challenge is to first build up an audiences and then keep in touch with the people who have loved your novel to draw their attention to it when a new novel is to be published.

Can' t build a website and launch a mailinglist when they published it. I' d created a small fan base on Facebook and Twitter, but when it was decided to publish Wrong Place, Wrong Times, I realized that these online communities were not very good to let the reader know that my new work was available.

This is a more trustworthy way of keeping in contact with the reader and ensuring that they are informed about new publications. There seem to be a few different ideas from the writers I have talked to or listened to at various international conventions and events. The other writers have no clue what will be happening, they just sitting and watching and writing what happens to Ann Cleeves at the Harrogate Crime Festival admit that this was her trial to do so.

Some writers have an ingenuity - maybe a beginning or an end and some intervening moments - and begin to type in a very messy, unorganized effort to connect the points. All that matters is being able to put something down. These designs are much simpler because you can work on the design and turn it into something legible.

You MUST also have your novel edited by a professional before it is published. Originally I didn't do that for my first novel and it's one of my most regret. I was astonished at the amount of silly mistakes I had failed to notice when I had my novel edited by profession.

But I can see why the £200-£500 issue is reluctant when they are uncertain whether the product will be selling enough to recover those outgo. If you' re serious about self-publishing, you must be a pro. This is also true for books. If you' re not a graphics artist, you should consult a specialist to make sure your booksheet is a real eye-catcher.

I can even now see the self-made envelopes when I am browsing through the various Amazon listings (because I am sorry and so I like to waste my time!). Your album must set itself apart from the masses in a plethora of thumbs. The reader judges a work by its envelope!

That is, until you have decided whether to click on the picture and click on the cover text to buy your work. More about Paul Brown's detective stories can be found on his website.

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