Publish my novel

To publish my novel

Overlook will publish my second novel "The Big Exit" later this year. It can take a year before a publishing contract is concluded, and then it will probably take six months to two and a half years before your book comes onto the market. So why won't anyone publish my novel? - Fay Weldon

So why did the editors and editors shake their head and say: "Not for me", at best with a refusal to go for raves - "We found the novel fanciful and moving, etc., but not for us. Maybe it's too dull. Maybe it's too good for her: too much good handwriting, too little action.

However, the novel was denied. Let us use these opportunities one after the other. Is it too dull? This doesn't mean that you are a dull character (no one who takes over and leads an entire novel is boring), only that you neglected to put the sparks in the novel that make you who you are and why you decided to even do it.

The novel should not be completely autobiographic - it must be typed by a person and not by a cyborg. When you try to conceal yourself, your character, your enthusiasm, your pain and anger, your reader turns off because you neglected to do it. The novel is about more than his story.

It' also about your motivations when you write. This can be easy - in a romance novel; real romance always finds a way and the author delivers the character and event to show it and comes to the Q.E.D. after a direct run. Don't go away and loose track of your plan.

One can only handle one person in a novel at a can. A novel, a dilemma - with a little bit of good fortune you have a life-long novel in front of you - spreads your film thin. The style of your pen has been changing since childhood. It' like many other books.

Find courageous editors and address them, or waiting five years until you are right - then publish. Her novel is too good for her? You' ve overwhelmed your readers with a flood of notable parables and impressive metaphor. You' re losing the readers and the editors. It can be very strenuous to write so densely.

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