Publish my Children's Book

To publish my children's book

Publish your children's book yourself with BookWright. You can create a children's print book and an eBook from the same file. You can use any font in your print book. When I finish editing my children's book. Useful tips for storyboarding your children's picture book.

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Victoria Brock, writer of children's books, explains how she was successful in self-publishing. So I went home, thought about it and written every detail about that and what I had been through. Since then I have been making up tales, writing poems and always thought that one of these days I would publish my own work.

Harriet is the one I used to write the fluke for my twins who were diagnosed with leukemia within a whole week at the age of four. It is about a porcupine that has no spines and is therefore scared to go out and see how the other porcupines might respond to it.

She sent it back two month later and I completely loved Harriet. I sent the ledgers from there to various agencies and publishing houses to either say nothing or just a polite'no'. In April 2013 Harriet the hedgehog was in the press. Six and a half years later, I had the script in 11 stores in Suffolk.

Then I had a website created and began to promote my book with leaflets, placards and handicraft shops. I have since published a new issue of Harriet the Hedgehog and Alopecia Awareness promotes me because they felt that Harriet the Hedgehog would help kids with Alopecia enormously.

For more information about Victoria and her book, take a look at her website.

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