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Release your book, build a reader base and sell more copies. Self Publishers: Sell your books online. Selling your self-published book online This is how you have your self-published book ready: it's in your hand and it' s ready to be sold. If you decide how you want to market your book, make sure you make a wise choice. Many, many opportunities for self-published writers to publish their works, both online and offline.

When you decide to go ahead and buy through book blues, you also decide to keep 100% of the profit.

Another possibility is the sale via Amazon. Many self-released writers believe that if they do not publish via Amazon, they cannot publish on the site. If you want, you can buy at Amazon. There are two kinds of seller bankrolls - a single bankroll and a professional bankroll. You should use the Custom Book Schedule if you do not think you will be selling more than 40 copies per week.

Amazons charges you $0.99, a 15% recommendation commission and a $1.35 initial commission for each book you sell. That' s $39. 99 per time period and should be utilized if you're preparation on commerce playing period 40 product per time period. The $0.99 per book entry will not be billed to your proccount.

See this link for Amazon's scale of charges. The third way to move your book off-line is to move it and resell it in third-party bookshops. One good way to be able to buy your book in bookshops is to first establish a connection with these businesses: to read there, to help at other authors' meetings, to buy from them, etc..

As soon as you have established a business connection and as soon as you have your book and are active in the market, you can contact the bookshop to do some kind of business. The way the shop purchases and resells your book varies from shop to shop: some shops provide a syndication shop where you only get payed when the book is sold, others have read costs or some are paying you a percent of it.

Be sure to find out how they are selling your book and make sure you agree. If you choose how you want to market your self-published book, make sure it is the best choice for your book. We wish you every possible succes whether you are selling on one or all of these forums.

Obviously you won't be selling much on any of the platforms unless you put the book on the shelves first. For a little help with your advertising, please see our own post promotionĀ blogs.

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