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Post my book on Amazon Kindle

Here is an example of one of my books I wrote myself. For my wife and children for their love and support. Get started with Amazon's Kindle Platform. Conversion of your book file into a valid epub is required. How long is the average publishing time?

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Did you think about self-publishing? Of course, like a million other authors out there, you would assume that Amazon has the answer when it comes to sell your self-published book. However, what you are not taught is that if you go that way, Amazon will own your shop. Just like any other market place that has your clients, your purchases and your information, Amazon should not have your website.

It' great for the revelation and discovery, but if you're not E L James, then it's unlikely that only Amazon sales will lead to a long, solid return on your letter. For a better opportunity to get your work off the ground, continue reading to see why an Amazon replacement is best for you.

But the good part is that there are alternative ways to Amazon when it comes to self-publishing! So here are a few Reasons why you need your own site and store if you want self-publishing success: Direct sales to your target group give you more profits and more confidence in the company's growth.

If you sell on Amazon or any other market place, you will find that they are eating up at least 30% of your turnover. However, because you get faithful supporters and clients to hang for your next job, you can sell your self-published works directly from your website and earn about 95% of your sale value, as against only 60-70%.

Unlike Amazon, which is an unsexciting place to buy (protein powders as you buy your novels, anyone?), you are also running the venture of loosing an interested buyer to diversions. Using straight rivals proposed e-books are shown on the right and middle links, one click and they are gone. Wherever you choose to buy depends on you, because you know best where your people are.

If you are directly sales to your audiences, you now have a straight line to your clients. As a rule, if you use Amazon to make sales, these clients will stay with Amazon. Not, if you use your own website to directly market to your public! Instead, instant sales provides you with your customers' information, such as their e-mail addresses and purchasing histories, so you can keep in touch with them as you type more work.

Have your own website where you are offering muliple alleys for your buyers to buy from shows you are professionally, not easily as a hobbies writer. What are you doing? It is important as an essayist to keep in mind that you are as much a part of the sale as your work, and let's face it, Amazon won't be competing in the near future.

Offering your supporters a professional-looking and emotional website with an info page, a shop and a blogs is extremely important when it comes to showing your interests to current and prospective supporters. Frequent updates on your latest book tours, book suggestions, behind-the-scenes footage and other related messages keep your website visitors up to date.

This is a very big place to start - make sure you use the occasion to find book titles name, your own name and any other keywords that humans use to find your website. Or you can take care of what kind of shopping experiences your clients should have (credit card, PayPal, both?) and what type of files you want to sell.

Amazons restricts you to. mb file for Kindle, but this is not for the benefit of those million of PDF or other non-amazonic eReader users like notok. Selling to a mailinglist is still the best way to get shoppers, so you need to collect e-mail accounts at every occasion.

When you sell on Amazon only, you don't have this kind of information - your clients are only displayed as purchases in a listing. When you sell directly, you get that all important e-mail addresses, which means that you can e-mail your clients and enthusiasts with messages and ways to buy.

We would be happy to see how you can pave your own way with self-publishing!

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