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Q: I have already published my eBook on Amazon via my personal KDP account. One month after the self-publication of the first version of my book, I uploaded a new version to Amazon. This is one of the best-selling self-published books (in physical form anyway - the books are sorted separately). And I knew I could kick their ass, even if I had no experience writing and publishing a book. The best advice I can give the authors is to ignore this inventory note.

Do you need to resell your e-book on Amazon? advantages and disadvantages

Selling your eBooks on Amazon, on your own website or both is one of the largest of these. Amazon is of course a good option for most writers, but just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's best for you. Amazons are very good at what they do, and their experiences show how lean the entire lifecycle is for writers and editors.

Rationalized system is enormous for writers because it makes book publication simple, and rationalized system is enormous for shoppers because they can buy a book with a click. Unnecessarily to say, if it is simple for folks to buy your scores, the odds of them doing so increase. Many sites have a big problem abandoning shopping baskets, but on Amazon, at least when it comes to Kindle literature, there's no car to give up.

In relation to the point above, when you publish your e-book on Amazon, there are few technical difficulties, and if there are such difficulties with the site, there is a whole staff of experts dealing with the same. There' s no question, many of the folks who buy your book at Amazon would never have found it if it had been resold elsewhere.

But the downside of this is, since the buyers on Amazon aren't really yours, you don't even know who they are, and can't directly marketing to them unless you get them to decide to in-decide to your e-mail schedule to interact with you on welfare matters, etc.. Whilst there are many shoppers on Amazon, there are also many writers vying for their slice of the cake.

For this reason, while Amazon has many clients without a sound own plattform, you may find it very hard to be recognized on Amazon. Back in the era before Amazonas, maker oversubscribed eBooks for a beautiful integer and often ranged anywhere from $19. 99 - $97 and maybe day beyond.

Conversely, the Kindle Book prices are usually around $2. 99, even for a fairly long book. Of course, there are exclusions, with some sold for only 99 Cent and others for much more than 2.99 Dollar. Amazon, has largely imposed the pricing of most Kindle titles by providing a 70% license fee for titles valued between $2. 99 and $9.99.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the sale of your book on your own website. They are available to make much more per book on your own website for a number of different purposes. Firstly, you can buy eBooks on your own website for much higher rates than Amazon.

Much of the time has gone when eBooks were selling for $97, but it is extremly uncommon for folks to be selling eBooks on their own site for only $2. 99, the going rates for Kindle' lex. Newbie Barry usually trades his eBooks on his website for $39.00 and then packs the same eBooks with other kinds of agents as video and trades the packets for as much as $249.00.

In an interview on The Smart Passive Revenue Podcast, Nathan said that when he sold his book on his own website, he was able to rate it at the value he thought they were offering, without being punished for being higher than Amazon's proposed lower rates. Instead of posting full-length accounts and sell them on websites like Amazon, she realised that she could earn a much higher one.

As well as the higher rate point, if you buy eBooks on your own website, you don't have to split the profit with others.  This hits the alternate of Amazon average from anywhere from 30% - 65%. Though this was already mentioned above, it is deserving to review here because it is one of the main distinctions between the sale of eBooks on Amazon vs&sales them on your own site.

That means that every little client issue is a concern for you, but it also means that you have the information about who is buying your book, building a connection with them and possibly being able to resell more. You can find many barriers to the sale of your ebook on your own website.

When you don't have much circulation to your website, and you have a small e-mail schedule and follow your own online community, you may find it almost impossibility to publish your own website to other people. It is now a fact that a dedicated site will help, no matter where you are selling your book, but it is essential if you are selling your book on your website only.

If you do not register your Kindle book with KDP Select, you can also register it on your own website. Some of your titles can also be sold on Amazon and others on your own website. A lot of writers find it useful to try to see what works best for them, what you might want to try.

Selling your eBooks on Amazon, your own website or a mixture of both?

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