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I Can Self-Publish A Book For Free. I' ve entered all this in the field "Book title". I hope to publish my new book on Lulu and an iPhone app if I can find a decent one. So how do I start writing the first sentence of my book? Where do I publish my book | How much royalty do I get?

childle - How do I make a permanent free copy of a textbook on Amazon?

Amazons still does the comparison, and this is the only way to get your textbook for free on their website. Smashwords has the benefit of being sold to Apple and Sony. When you go to the detail page of your Amazon e-book, you will see a hyperlink marked "Tell us about a lower price".

Click on this hyperlink and give them a hyperlink to the products page for their free copy on one of the other pages. I would definitely NOT suggest this if you want to make your work for free for a certain period of or on a certain date.

There''s no way to check how fast or when Amazon will react, so you won't be able to set the certain date(s). Even if you think that you want to increase the cost after a while, I would not suggest doing so. I' ve got a song that I released under a username that has been free for month, although I've increased the prices on all other pages and tried to get Amazon to increase the prices again.

It can be posted on Smashwords for free. Amazons used to do cost comparison, and this used to be the way to release your product for free at Amazon. I' m not sure if Amazon still follows this approach, and no way could be sustainable in Amazon's ever-changing ecosystem.

You must regularly review if your objective is to remain on the Kindle free lists. When your aim is to always have a place, someone can get your work for free, Smashwords may be the better vehicle. Because Smashwords is so easy to read and easy to read. Amazons do not allow "permanently free" Kindle textbooks. You want to make a living.:D you may have seen what you think are free Kindle permanent and although they are probably just a free promotional over Kindle Select, who am I to say there are not a few coincidences out there?

Maybe you did - I've seen weirder things on Amazon. That'?s why there are so many $0. 99 volumes. The majority of us have no problems spending a buck, even at the cost of a poor work. I' m in agreement with the key response - and in fact I did it to make one of my textbooks free forever.

I' d just like to say that the Big 6 probably have seperate side deals with Amazon, so that a certain number of songs are free. Many harlequin-romances and the first band of a sci-fi-series are free of charge. I am sure that the larger publishing houses did not have to try the above technology.

That is why by the way many of the free titles trend to be by the larger publisher and that many of the free e-book announcements are "secretly sponsoring vehicles run by the main publishers' freelance journalists. Featuring pricing to enforce your Amazon song to be free could not last forever.

There has been a great deal of push-back in the overall store, for example on erotic magazines, and even e-books that are less than 20 pages can get a disappointing experi ence for Amazons clients. Not surprisingly, I would see the introduction of more stringent pricing regulations by Aminam. Explore other tags ed with a tag and publish free of charge or ask your own one.

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