Publish my Book

To publish my book

Publication on Amazon is free of charge. But you need to format your work in . mobi format so that it can be published as a Kindle file. Or can you successfully publish your own book? Gladly we evaluate suggestions for books and book series within the subject areas, which we actively develop further.

Will it be free to have my textbook published on Amazon?

I have been a writer since I was a kid and had bought my book a little, but was quickly disheartened and gave up (long before I should have, but that's me). So I went through it with a fine-toothed crest (couldn't get me an editor), paid a buddy who's a graphics artist who made the sleeve for me, and voila! up-loaded.

First of all, Amazon does nothing to advertise your work. Secondly, if you forgot to create something (like the back), they won't let you know. I made less than ten dollars in all the years the script has been published. So I have no clue why Word's spell checker didn't capture my incorrectly written furniture, but it's in there and I can't fix it.

You must also BUY any copy of your books. There are no free duplicates for the writer. Well, guesses how I found out I forgot to create a back. Nobody got a copy of my Christmas books as I had designed, they are still in my cellar collecting it.

I am so ashamed that I have never tried to do anything else with it, nor have I released any of my finished books myself. Although I wrote a 50,000+ dictionary for NaNoWriMo 2015, which I think is not inferior. Unless I can use an editors, it won't see the day.

Look at the reviews of the individual who didn't even see them.

Getting your book published and sold on Amazon

You know how amazing it can be if you've ever dreamt of printing a work. Indeed, it used to be almost not possible to get a work printed without spending $1,000 in advance or being a well-known writer. Thanks to new technology and print-on-demand, you can now create an eBook or eBook script and post your first bookback in less than a weeks with CreateSpace, following the simple instructions in this course.

When you' re not used to CreateSpace, it's an Amazon firm that enables ordinary folks to make paperbacks they can buy on the Amazon Market Place and many other merchants. What is astonishing is that CreateSpace is FREE to use, and it even contains a free, easy-to-use photo artwork that you can use for free on the front page of your album.

As with anything, there is a trajectory to it and it can be daunting to try to get everything right in your work. The course will guide you through the whole pocketbook production and help you to take full advantage of the free features CreateSpace has to provide.

I recommend the following: length, colour vs. monochrome, covers and more? The course is for you if you have a novel or non-fiction that you have or want to publish in printed form. If you want to buy it through Amazon or just for your friend and your loved ones, this course will accompany you until your books are finished.

The course is for you if you have released Kindle textbooks for profits and want to take your earnings to the next leve. Turning your eBooks into prints increases the exposure and professionalism of your work. With what you are learning here, you can have your printed version of your eBook available on the Amazon Market Place in less than a weeks.

You can have a copy of your books in less than two week. If you want to have your Kindle eBooks published in printed form, you should attend this course to boost your eBooksales. If you want to turn your eBooks into prints, you should attend this course to boost your eBooksales.

If you are an expert in publishing or if you are looking for ways to design elaborate decorated books you should NOT attend this course.

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