Publish my Book

To publish my book

He/it said traditionally was not for him at the time and found paying for a publishing his only way. I was asked by his wife to look at the book and give my honest opinion. Where can I publish my book, traditional? How do I publish a book? Can edit and design my book the way I want.

Whose rights are mine?

Does it pay publishing houses to publish my book?

You' re not buying editors. Then if you number them they are not a publisher, they are a vanity compactor and you get torn off. Periodical, time-honored publishing: You type a book, mail it to an editor or editor, and they do things like edit, format, print, and publish.

Please see How to Get Happily Released: You could be paying you premium up front for the right to publish your book, but then you get some (about 15%) of the sales cash for each book that' s been sold, and they keep the part. That'?s how they earn their moneys.

If you have one, your agency will be charged out of your income, not the publisher. Self-publication: You are writing a book. As soon as your book is a book, not only words in a text editor, you can up-load it to various book distribution lists as an e-book, and also setup book printing facilities through Amazon, Room or Lightning Press.

There is no need to purchase anything with createspace/amazon printouts unless you order hardcopy. In the case of e-books, Amazons payments 35-70% royalty on every book it sells. You take a slice of every book you sell, but it's your cash and you don't take any cash in advance for the production of your book.

They don't take most bookstores, they don't want anything to do with smallpox. If you order more from them or find someone who is willing to buy from them, you do not own your book. They take a different slice of your book cost, although you prepaid them for the prerogative of getting your book printed.

Don't do this. Go rent a legitimate someone who will help you put your book in a republishable book and then do it yourself, or go video yutube on how to do it all by yourself and do it. Don't let anyone take your moneys and keep taking your winnings if they won't do anything for you.

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