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The is considered a leader in online literary magazines because they publish fiction with personal and original content. You want a fiction that carries your stamp of individuality. () - Submitting your short fiction and poetry: Startpage - New - Bestsellers - Fiction - Non-fiction - Children - Stationery & Gifts. Have you ever wondered if anyone actually read your flash fiction piece you published online?

Beth Reeks' opinion on how the online publication of fiction began the young writer's carreer

I' m not surprised to hear that a fourth of the 100 best Kindle titles on come from indies. I' ve begun to write online. I' m tired of being a werewolf, magician or vampire reader and published my first novel, The Kissing Booth (a recurring high scholastic romantic without any mythical creatures) on a plattform named Wattpad when I was 15.

Lettering forums like these mean that non-professional authors can use their work for free to help spread the word and get answers from users. I' ve been able to publish my novel called Beth Reekle chapters by chapters. More than 19 million visitors were drawn, which finally resulted in a three volume with Random House after they found me online.

They are especially suitable for youngsters who want to learn to write where they can improve their typing abilities. One part of the attraction of a platform like this is that you get immediate feedbacks. Seeing how much money your books have earned, even if they don't make a statement, is a big push of trust.

Then it is not such a big move for authors to go from the publication of their work free online to search in self-publishing textbooks. In order to help me write online, I kept a Tumbler blogs, a Facebook page and a Twitter user area. Controversies about independent publication continue; it changes our perception of publication and makes it more open to all.

A publisher takes up many inspiring tales of authors after their online hit.

Sharing your work - free publishing to publish novels, short stories, poems and more.

They can write poetry, write shorts, write poetry, and more. In the last ten years, ten thousand authors have published several hundred thousand shorts, novels, poetry, and more. Ten million subscribers have at their fingertips some of the best up-and-coming authors and authors who have become bestsellers.

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