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Uploading PDF files to the web When you want to make your staff or clients accessable, you can simply post them on the Internet. You can use a filename hosting service to attach your saved document to the web site so that you can use it as a private filing repository or share it with others. You can use a free on-line files hosted options such as KeepandShare, Google Docs or MediaFire to download your files. On the KeepandShare homepage, click the "Create My Background Web Site Now" tab and enter a name in the text box called My Site Name. Under the" Shared Your Site On-line?

" section, click the "No" or "Publish" options.

When you decide to publish your PDF file, be sure that anyone can see your documents, even if they don't have a KeepandShare acco. Press the "Create My Free File Site" pushbutton and fill in your details in the text boxes to set up a free file for you. Check the User Agreement and Data Protection Policies, and then click the Agree to proceed.

If you click on the download links, click on the upload files and then on the choose one. Type an elective name for your files in the appropriate text box and then click on the "Upload files now" tool. Please copy the displayed address to get a shortcut to your download.

Alternatively, you can click the "Share File" option to get more features such as a quick reference to your documents and a key to include your upload. Use your Google Accounts to login to Google Docs or click the Subscribe tab to register an Account.

Then click on the "Documents" tab, click on the "Upload" tab and then on the "Files" tab of the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can move your document into the document list using dragging and dropping. Select the checkboxes next to the preference you want to make to specify your preference for the uploaded PDFs.

Please click on the Start Uploading pushbutton to start uploading your files. When you click the "Share" tab, check your data protection settings under the headline Who has access and make changes (if desired) to see who can see your saved document. To obtain the website adress for your SPDF, copy the web adress under the headline Release links.

On the MediaFire website, click the "Sign in" tab and then click the "Try" tab below the desired itinerary. While MediaFire provides a free schedule, free account plans include advertising and filesize limits. Please fill in your details in the appropriate text boxes and click on the Create Account & Next Buttons.

Alternatively, you can click the "Share" icon to get the social network and email for displaying your documents on the web.

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