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Documents to be published online

View your PDF online beautifully, quickly and on mobile devices. Publishing InDesign documents online Find out how to publish and approve InDesign documents online. Publish any InDesign CC file online and publish it to online communities, e-mail, or as a stand-alone address with a click in the latest version of InDesign CC. It can also be embedded in any web page or blogs.

Your document's HTML versions can be displayed on all today's desktops, tablets and portable web browser for a nice and easy online reading-environment. This online file also includes support for all of the InDesign document's interaction, which includes visual, sound and animations. Have a look at the online publication of the online interaktive documen.

Once the required InDesign file is open, click the Publish Online Buttons. Alternatively, you can go to File > Publish Online. From the Publish Online Options dialogue that opensutomatically, click the General tabs. When you publish your documents for the first timestamp, click Publish New Documents and proceed as follows:

Specify the name of the file you want to publish. Enable the viewer to fetch a PDF copy of your documents, which they can share and load by hand. Specify the size, image size, and image size in the image file. Press OK to begin the publication proces. To republish an already published file, click Refresh an already created file in this Refresh Available File dialog box and from the drop-down list of documents to be updated.

To display the detailed information of the documents, click Views. Press OK to load the documents and publish them again under the same name. You can republish your documents under the same or a different address that was previously used to publish the work. After uploading the downloaded files, click Show documents to display them in a web page viewer.

Alternatively, you can click Copy to copy and split the links. Click the following icons to publish the online file on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Browse the file you upload, copy the file to release it, or split it on your favorite webpages. As soon as the work has been released, you can display and browse the contents in various ways:

If you are satisfied with the posted content, please share the link with anyone who uses a link in an e-mail, posting it to Facebook and Tweeters, or embedded it on a website. File > Recent allows you to retrieve up to five recently released documents. If you want to display, administer or remove your released documents, go to File > Web Dashboard and browse to the released documents you want to release, mount or remove.

When you have shared your documents, go to File > Web Dashboard and choose analytics to see your documents viewed, clear readership, mean times your users stayed, and the type of machine your documents were viewed on.

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