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Publish the article to your website or blog. With a single article published in dozens of online and traditional publications, you can reach all kinds of new readers for your books and customers for your business. This is how to publish articles online Theoretically, the vast number of web sites that cover such a wide spectrum of subjects should make it easy to publish an online story. Practically, many publishers are struggling with the where - and even more with the how - to publish articles online. Today, many of today's long-established journals and papers keep sites running with contents from their printed and web-only editions, and many pure web publishers offer great opportunities for your articles to be published on the Internet.

Though some of the publica-tions look at finished articles, named''spec articles'', most of them will need a consultation or a pith-letter. It describes your ideas for the item and usually gives a general overview of the layout and a brief description of why it is suitable for publishing or the website.

By accepting your bid, the journalist agrees to the details, signs a deal and writes the story. Specifically, a publication's search or submit policy usually appears on the website under a special submit policy section, drafting policy or in the Contacts section. Logs need contents and often welcome guests to relieve the owners of the log.

A number of weblogs, especially those that are paying, are following a search procedure similar to that of online journals or newspapers. There are other weblogs that allow authors to post whole articles for verification. As a rule, post acceptance journals contain rules for submitting contributions. If you send a courteous request by e-mail regarding a post on a forum without official rules, you can publish your post.

The trend is for bloggers to charge less or only link to a particular site or site, so you have less competitors and better chances of posting an item. Charged publishers act as intermediaries between authors and purchasers. They make a deals with customers to post articles on particular subjects or even magazines, and the authors choose from the available jobs or magazines.

Paying for the contents usually uses an interview procedure, which almost always contains a written template, but also requires a CV and even a grade test. A number of publishers use corporate guidelines and internal editorial staff, while others allow customers to define their own structures, voices and length.

However, once your submission is approved as an author on the site, it will be posted online if it complies with internal or customer needs. The quickest way to publish your articles online is a website or blogs. They decide everything, from the subjects dealt with to the sound and length of each item.

Publication of your articles is seldom worthwhile, but you can earn a low revenue through advertising network or directly sale advertising spaces to interested thirdds.

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