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Once you have paid the one-time fee, you can publish an Android app for free on the Google Play Store. Log in to your profile Receive the free of charge download for your app. Boost your applications with minimum demands and NO additional charges. Get top applications with tens of thousands of downloads per months at low monthly rates. Generate revenues from our catalogue of 70,000 applications.

Receive a full catalogue of applications for your App Shop. Supports most cell phone devices, up to Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobiles and others.

Android Apps for free uploading and publishing

Android app creators are many independents who create, program and test the app they've been working on just to find out that Google requires $25 to register as a creator and publish to Google Play, formerly known as Android Market. And there are even independents out there who have not just been relying on engineering, but have decided to use free third-party applications and publish their applications for free.

Many of them don't know that Google Play is certainly not the only Google Play player and not everyone charges a subscription for it. A great alternate that existed before Google Play/Android is the French Google App Service, SlideMe. Everyone can join SlideMe as a free developers and download their own free applications.

While you must initially be registered as a programmer, there are no royalties, you can resell your application for a fee if you wish, and you can also advertise your own in your applications and even subscribe to SlideMe's own merit spread. If you use the Appsgeyser utility to create your.apk files, your application is placed on Appgeyser's own local Wi-Fi-net, although this is far less common than Google Play or MySlideMe.

However Appsgeyser offers an unbelievably easy-to-use feature for freelance programmers who know very little about programming, but while you could readily achieve a few thousand Google Play or SlideMe related files, it is unlikely that your applications will draw the same amount of interest in a network like Appsgeyser.

Next, log in to Amazon App Market as an Android developers to post your applications. However this is currently only free for the first year after which there is an $99 per year charge. Amazon applications are also tested for app qualitiy before they are released, but there are certain benefits, such as the "Customers have also bought" function.

The best way to post and publish your free of charge and your own applications is via You can even download PC/Macs, eBooks and more. All of the uploaded items are added to the database and appear on

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