Publish and Sell your own Book

Sell and publish your own book

Do you need help publishing your own book? Publishers traditionally order large quantities of books in the hope that they will sell them. You can convert it to PDF to sell on your own website and you're in business. Their ebooks can be sold at different publishers, each offering its own license fee. So I was happy to get a copy of John T.

Reed's "How to Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own How-To Book", which I wanted to read for a long time.

Share and resell your e-books

Writers of independent music become sensational in the New York Times and USA Today over night, on Amazon, and well, e-books are selling everywhere, which proves that there is no longer any self-publication stigmatization. Even in some categories, self-published e-books sell those of conventional publisher because people are looking for new writers and storytelling that is not based on a single phrase.

And, when you're in the store, an e-book can be your new calling cards and a key part of your creative work. When you can use a text editor, have a textbook made, or have an inspiration for a textbook and want to see your name in the press, you may have what it took to publish yourself.

In this 6 weeks course you will be introduced to everything you need to know to turn your script into your dreams - a resource that will help you make a living on the web, whether you are publishing a novel, a non-fiction or a storybook. You' ll see how to reformat your e-book and how to resell it in bookshops like Amazon and Apple.

At the end of the course you can publish your e-book in over 100 different locations and make it available to your library andbookclub! If you are a beginner or have already produced one or two e-books, this course brings you into the publisher business and teaches you the tips traditionally used by the publisher to make sure their titles are in the best positions to be found by the reader.

You' ll see a doze of other authors like you who have made it big self-publishing e-books. Plus, you have a free online store and make cash mapping with each and every lessons to guide you through the fundamentals of devising a scheme to get your e-books sold. The course and its successor, Intro to Writing Markets, will take you step-by-step through the publication of your own e-books and the development of your author platforms or brands to successfully promote them.

Make the first move to your own personal career and register today! It has 25 titles for people of all age ( "fiction and non-fiction"), many of which are e-books, and several thousand titles in papers, journals and the web. She follows her entire publisher progress on the web and the networking she has made in cyber space.

You can use any kind of text editor the first time you create a script, but you can use Microsoft Windows as an example. In addition, two other free available softwares, Sigil and Calibre, are used for the final formatting process. Every new course is opened every months, so that you can register whenever your calendar allows!

As soon as a meeting begins, two hours of instruction per day are given for six consecutive hours of your course. Remember that the active discussions area for each unit is closed 2 consecutive weeks after the unit is published, so you will be prompted to finish each unit within 2 consecutive additional working days of its publication.

Finals are published on the same date as the last unit. After you have passed the exam, you will have 2 week plus 10 working nights to reach the finals and the rest of the group. You' ve probably been told that e-books get a larger part of the eBook industry every single second.

As a matter of fact, e-book purchases have put billions of bucks into the pockets of previously unseen writers, mid-list writers who have had humble printed purchases, and incumbent writers who have chosen to beat on their own. Do you know that if you post your own e-book, you can get up to 10x higher bonuses?

During this first session you will see some of the most influential pioneers in the e-book business, find out which e-book genre sells best, find out how much you can make by releasing your own e-books, and learn the differences between solid, reflow and fast-reacting e-books. With this tutorial you will be able to help you prepare for your thrilling career as an independant e-book publishers.

You will begin in this unit to get your e-book prepared for release, just as you would get a great script prepared for an editorial in a publisher. They want to make sure you have a great storyline that is connected or a non-fiction that is flawless. So one of the best ways to get your e-book started when you ship it to the rest of the globe is to make sure it meets today's standard - with correct language, orthography and writing.

This unit shows you how to do this job quickly and easily with the help of a tool! Today we begin the first stages of the publication procedure. You' ll be taught how to build a readership profiling that describes your perfect readership and applies what you've learnt to your brand. I' ll be sharing two of my books with you and showing you how they have been helping me to type the books description, choose the tracks and make the masters.

I' ve packed this unit with many hints that will help you find a reader for your story when it is published. We will look at some things you should do before you publish your work. It can help you get reimbursed if someone uses a part of your books once it's in the bookshops!

In order to make your books available in bookshops, you can also apply for an ISBN (International Standard Books Number). Your work will be identified all over the world. I' ll tell you how this works and what you have. Lastly, we will study publishing with PCIP for publishing information in the form of publishing or cataloguing.

These are the information that booksellers include in their catalogue so that they can pass your books on to their customers. The lessons will take you "under the cover" of your cover and all the front and back you want to include. You must consider the name of the writer you want to use, or whether you want to use your own name at all.

When that' done and you've entered and reformatted all the information in your eBook, you'll see how to include a directory and links so that your readers can move about. And when you are done, you'll have everything you'll find in any traditional-books.

Now you can find free pictures and how to include them in your e-book. The most important thing we will discuss is how to handle pictures differently for solid formats, re-flowable formats and reactive e-books. As soon as you have understood the difference, you will have no problems to create professionally looking e-books!

You' ll also find out how to verify the filesize of your books and make sure they meet the needs of booksellers and distributors. When you have everything exactly as you want it, you' ll know how to turn your books into a PDF, the most favourite web page for documents.

And because POD manuals are produced from PDF files, you have a competitive edge in publishing your POD manual in the pocket. When you' re working on a storybook, this is the lessons you've been looking for! This unit teaches you some of the mysteries that are used by publishing houses to promote their e-books.

You can give your e-book an inner edge by add information you can't see - but computer can add it to your work. We will also investigate ways in which you can convert your script into an e-book and resell it. They can choose from stopping a full scale activity to self-realization. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of fee-based and free of charge and even try some open code if you want to do some of your own convert.

At the end of this unit you have completed your first step in your promotion and your eBook has been converted to e-reader conversion! You' ll find out how to use an e-book manager to do various things, from organising your own e-book libraries to format conversion.

With Calibre, you can easily attach star and commentary to the downloads and easily change unsecured e-book documents from one size to another so you can view your purchases on your phone, tray or e-reader. At the end of this unit, you will know how to use Calibre to transform your text into different file types and customize your meta data.

Publish your own e-books is a deal, and in Lesson 9 we look at the end of it. There is always some paper work needed to get started a business, especially on the web where you deal with on-line bookshops that could be anywhere in the world. We will also review the commercial choices you need to make, which include the addition of DRM, the price of your product and whether you want to make your product exclusively for a commercial market.

We complete the lecture by going through each question you' re answering as you post and post your work! The course opens many of your new book's online shelves as you study how to choose and work with an e-book distrb... It is an interesting period to publicize yourself, because there are many different possibilities and tailor-made outcomes.

If you start with a publishers budgets of $0, your books can even hit billions of people. If you are worried about your technological abilities, don't! Today's session will also show you how a distribution company can do everything for you. So when you chose to release your own work, you were eliminating the editor who would have received most of the work.

I will show you how you can also get rid of the bookshop in this unit. So all the cash from the sale remains in your hand! We have other benefits of being able to sell your book directly, and we will look at these and some of the inconvenience. I' ll sketch out the three key issues for your retail business, and we'll give you a brief idea of the many ways you can collect and deliver your book to your customers on-line.

It may be the final lecture of the course, but it is also one of the most thrilling. We will look for more ways to get your work into the reader in the future. When you browse your library's on-line catalogue, how would you like to see your name and your work?

We will also be talking about entering the classroom and the Google Boooks Library Project, which is aimed at digitizing all the textbooks in the game. Are you interested in your multi-media possibilities? We' ll be discussing this today and we' ll be discussing your choices for your printed text so that it can be accessed by conventional printed people.

Be ready to break new ground so that your book reaches the reader! You can find the starting date of the courses by pressing the "Register online" pushbutton below. Every unit contains quiz questions, tasks, discussions, additional resources and more to help you cope with your selected area. To be forwarded to our Ed2Go affiliate page, choose your starting date and finish your subscription today!

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