Publish and Sell your own Book

Sell and publish your own book

If you want to create the New York Times bestseller list, for example, you need to sell thousands of copies of your book from sellers who report their sales to the NYT within a specified time. Advantages, disadvantages and lessons of a bestselling author. Whatever you decide to publish, you need to get your hands dirty with book sales in one degree or another. There is a fundamental difference between Amazon and indies pricing. Share a book and sell it through your favorite channels.

To publish and sell your own e-book in Kindle format

First you have to work on your text. You' ll also need to select a caption and caption and assign key words to your work to make it easier to find in the Kindle Store. It can be in clear text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc or.docx), HTML (.htm or.html), a zipped archives (.zip), Mobipocket (.mobi or.prc) or PDF (.pdf) as well. suggests saving the document in.doc or.htm/.html formats. Eliminate the page numbers from the online copy of your data record; they are not required on the Kindle. It is recommended that you enter a cover page and your name as the name. You should probably add a plain copyrights note on this page, such as:

So if you are really interested in safeguarding your copyrights, you can insert a longer piece of proprietary notices, as can be seen on the front of many print books: No part of this book may be copied in any way without the prior consent of the authors. Especially back to your website or your blogs will help you to promote yourself as an writer or writer in your area.

When you have finished preparing your text, please complete these instructions to make your text available for sale on the Kindle: Use a web-based web interface to connect to the Digital Text Platform. Then click the Log in link and log in with your email with your login name. There is no need to set up a stand-alone Digital Text Platform user interface, but you may want to do so to keep an eye on your publisher and seller activities rather than your read and buy activities.

If you use your normal bankroll for publication, don't miss to click on My Bankroll to make sure Amazon has the information it needs to make payment when you begin selling. Specify the name, text and other information about your contents in section 1. Use the plus symbol next to Section 2, Upload and Preview Book.

This section is expanded to display a Browse and an empty box for the name of the files to be published. Browse, find the book or other files you want to publish, and click Open. It will move the downloaded document from your computer to Use the plus symbol next to section 3 and type in a value between 99 Cent and 200 $ for your list. has its own guideline for getting into the digital text platform.

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