Publish and Sell Ebook

Sell and Publish Ebook

However, the problem is Amazon has a death grip on eBook publishing. You can' teach yourself Since we specialise in giving writers the ability to release their work in series or editing, it goes without saying that we offer authoring, publication and sale of your eBooks on one single plattform. Our ongoing publication supply chain allows you to release a novel or non-fiction in chapters as you type, find an audiences and get your input before your work is ready.

Use our typing utilities to make your notebook and then resell it elsewhere if you wish. Selling your books through our bookshop, we charge a 90% minus 50 cent licence fee per sale. If you are selling your books in our bookshop, you determine a quotation and a reserve and the readers decide what they want to buy.

And we offer all these possibilities because we know how seriously the authors take their authoring workflows. Others have a completely self-contained typing workflow and just want to post their completed work. As we know, many still use Microsoft Word, although we are hoping that in a few years no one will use it to create them.

It' as easy as it may sound, and we believe that all our literature should be like this. If you are typing in this way, enter the format directly into your text. With a click on the "Preview" icon you can then convert your script into three e-book formats: This can be imagined as sentence-setting for typing in the epoch of digitization: just as quotes surround words that we are to interpret as language, these stars surround words that are to be reprinted.

âThis is because typing in normal text on your computer or spectator is really the best way to type an echbook. If you are interested in a printed version, we can also supply you with ready-to-print copies of your work. And you can even embed your books in HTML to make them into a web page.

"The abbreviation "DRM" is an acronym for "Digital Rights Management", a form of restricting the use of e-books and other digita-tion. An electronic DRM-bound notebook is the legalized, perverted abstraction and insult to the character that a good company should have in a story.

Several DRMs even include self-destruction features in textbooks, meaning that you can only view them a certain number of copies. They' re really self-burning ledgers. You can always refresh your work with a completely new section or just a simple typing error and press the Publishing icon again to make the new release available to all your present and prospective readership.

To some, releasing your work before it is ready is a blatant notion, while others take it for granted. If you are acquainted with the story of literature, you usually belong to the latter because you are already acquainted with the concept of mass publication, where you are going to be able to publish your novel in chapters (many great books were thus released, especially 19th and 20th ct. 19th ct. 19. ct. 18.

In the case of non-fiction you can test your concepts and begin to build up an audiences if your entries are still young, without the traditional delays caused to the author by the 20th mill. The notion of "in-progress" or "lean" publication has much more to offer. Indeed, we urge you to browse your volume on several platatorms.

We do not (yet) have the same coverage as Amazon, but we do have some great benefits over the sale of your books on other publishers' platforms: When you are releasing your work in series or work, authoring, editing and sales are part of a continual proces. At the moment, users can exchange e-mail address, receive e-mail alerts when you release new releases, and even directly by e-mail.

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