Publish and Sell Ebook

Sell and Publish Ebook

Take all your own creative and marketing decisions for your project. Sellings have been wonderful (& I sell MUCH more ebooks than paperbacks).

Do you sell eBooks on Google Play Books, Playster & OverDrive Via Vearsa?

In a few week of release, your eBook will be available at 23 large local eBook sales points in a number of countries and genres, such as Waterstones (UK), eChristian (Intl.), (Intl.) and OverDrive, which services more than 33,000 eBook retailers around the world, 12,000 of them school and university.

And Vearsa also gives your eBook exposure on some of the worlds greatest application storefronts, such as the subscription-based Playster and Google Play, which connects to one billion people using Google in over 50 different markets on more than 50 different operating systems and includes the world's leading eBook Store with over 5 million eBooks. Selling your eBook on Google Play eBooks (formerly Google eBooks) will help you get to people you never thought possible.

You' re collecting 100% of the net revenue that our on-line dealer net pays. We accept eBooks in all the different tongues. Reading a Vearsa eBook depends on whether your particular eReader speaks the native one. Become the world wide distributor for your books. Release today on Vearsa. The Vearsa is an award-winning eBook distributor with a world-wide coverage of more than 1,000 points of sale and 45,000 eBook directories in over 110 different nationalities.

At Vearsa we offer you one of the largest markets for your eBooks. You get all the service you need: eBook converting, expert and affordably priced eBook processing, eBook artwork designs, hardcover and hardcover print and much more in one place.

Do you sell your self-published books, ebook or journal?

Select the best size to find a good compromise between your own creativity and a prize that works for your audiences. Now you can create and often supply everything from shiny desk textbooks to appliance-ready e-books. You can order a monograph for proofing - and since sales can print your project in digital form, there are no up-front costs.

Locate the best way to bring your self-published work to your audiences. You can sell your self-published work as soon as it's ready! With our one-click set-up and smooth workflow, your photo books are delivered to Amazon's worldwide audiences. They can also make their trading books available for businesses such as Barnes & Noble via the Ingram catalogue.

Share your fixed-layout eBook with the Apple iBooks Store, the biggest eBook retailer. Your eBook is not blocked in a singles canal! These will be defined by your booking specification, such as types of envelope and hardcopy, and the size of your order. Founded on her favorite diary, this product collected playing period $9,000 in kick starter economics.

With the donation of the money to the pet salvation this volume had an almost full edition. Made by a peacemaker and scientist, this eBook was an accessible storefront for a century of important community service.

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