Publish and Print your own Book

Print and publish your own book

Here you will find everything you need to create a professional short-run book printer. Please send us your PDF files and let us create a book. Select from our global range of self-publishing services to help you complete your book. They might want a bound book or softback or ebook. They only pay if you actually decide for a printed edition of your book.

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One of the most important things about ebook publishing is that you can send information about your print and e-books to merchants around the globe at the click of a mouse. The POD distributor uses digitally printed print technologies to create a book for a job. Previously, it was necessary for conventional print processes for an authors to commit to large print volumes in order to make the procedure cost-effective, but today it is just as simple to print one copy as a thousand.

With the Ingram Content Group, a global sales and print organization, we have a sales contract with a global team. This means in practical terms that if a client or bookshop wants to buy your book from us, the bookshop places an order for the book with the next printer with your book in the binder.

After receipt of the order, the book is immediately published and sent to the bookshop or directly to the client, according to the client's request. It' a cost-effective, easy and risk-free way to bring your book to a worldwide marketplace. It' s a good idea to remember that while book publishing is less expensive than before, POD's per-page rates are still higher than mass print, which can affect your pricing and profit.

Here you can charge the cost of your book-print. With the emergence of electronic publication has revolutionized the bookselling industry, making it simpler and less expensive than ever to sell and buy your self-published publications around the world. In the last ten years, e-books have revolutionized the book retailing industry when it comes to lightness and worldwide coverage.

Today, in addition to their print publications, ebooks are naturally also published by the publisher, and we all know tales of self-published writers who have become great hits through their e-book purchases alone. It has never been so easy to sell your e-books - Type & Tell will make your e-book available in all the world's large e-book shops.

By partnering with the Ingram Content Group, our writers can buy, download and view their work on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo or other portable devices. "because her life contains many histories. The book was very tolerant and supported me during the whole procedure and I can't expect my book to be available to everyone.

" "The Kind & Tell makes independently authoring simple. Your on-line book editor makes it very simple to turn your Word document into a public book and it' s a master! And the best thing about it: The result is a book that reads well and looks good. "I had the feeling that the best way to succeed and reach out to the public was through the use of Tell and its products without constant intervention or overinterference.

It would be my dream to subscribe to a conventional publishers only to find that they have too many other publications on their lists for this year and I wouldn't have their full attention."

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