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Or should you publish them at the same time? Wherefore you should release your print and ebook issues at the same press release date! From Angela Hoy

If you should start your printed matter or your notebook first? Or should you be releasing them at the same time? Are you recommending that I continue with the printed and then the electronic one? Unfortunately, most of us are not prominent writers. When you' re a publisher, you don't have to be worried about having to queue around the pad in your bookshop to get your new one.

EVERYWHEN you have one following, do you really want to compel your faithful reader to spend more on a printed issue if they choose to buy the e-book instead... or if they can only afford it? I want everyone to be able to make savings for my readership and in this business, and of course I want more of them.

And if more folks are reading my latest book, more will want to see my later. You will also subscribe to my newsletters so that I can draw your attention to my upcoming work. When you are an editor of several novels, or if you are planning to release more novels in the near term, it is essential that you create a mailinglist for your supporters. usually delivers a printed copy within a period of one months (although we also provide a two-week express service). Using special formatters in the internal printing files, the eBooks will later become a much better one ("EPUB/MOBI-friendly"). The printing is completed first, followed soon afterwards by the notebook printing is.

These kinds of mistakes in e-books badly mirror not only the writer but also the editor. The MOBI is the e-book data type used by Amazon and EPUB is what almost everyone else uses. BooksLocker also provides e-books in PDFs. The majority of folks still don't have their own e-book readers and we are selling many PDF e-book versions through our website.

Once the writer has released the first copy of his text, we begin the EPUB/MOBI formatting/conversion of it. Because our practical approach is personalised, our e-books are high-quality, professionally produced data that make our writers proud. Whilst it can be hard to publish the hard copy and online issues on the same date, I suggest to publish the hard copy first and then publish the e-books as soon as possible afterwards.

Use caution when dealing with publishing houses that compel writers to go through the printing and e-book process simultaneously. However, if the writer has changes he wants to make later, he may have to double the cost of these changes - for the printed and e-book-edition. There are even three different charges for changes (for the printing, MOBI and EPUB files).

You can always choose to allow both issues to be available before starting your advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, most POD publishing houses don't turn around so quickly with BookLocker, as many of them take four to six month or longer to bring a product to market. So go ahead and free the printing and e-mail issues together or as close together as possible.

Don't make your faithful reader spend more on a printed issue if they want the less costly one. The knowledge that you can immediately fetch your latest publication in electronical form is of course a great sales argument for your reader! There is definitely a trend in the Ebooks category: WHANING! Shall writers have books printed only for e-books?

Rear NO! 75% of Americans DON'T Own Readers - Ignore 75% of the Buy a Books Fair?! Do you have a question about Print On Demand and Self-Publishing? - According to Mark Levine, lawyer and writer of The Fine Print, BookLocker is "as near to the level of excellence you'll find in the worlds of e-book and POS publication.

I have seen the highest e-book donations ever, and the pressure donations are better than that. BuchLocker knows what new writers are experiencing and has put together a bundle that is the best in the industry. They are also selected and do not release a script just because it is presented with a cheque.

When you find a painless and dedicated publisher with the same level of commitment and commitment to author sales, but with lower publisher charges, please let me know. "Abuzz Press provides quick and free publications, but accept only a small proportion of entries and only work with US author. - "We are preparing to release you! "for writers who really want to make themselves public. Provides just formating and designing and then provides easy directions for writers to register to print/list/sell hardcopy and eBooks. You can keep 100% of what bookshops are paying for your books!

View BookLocker's publication packs HERE. MOOKLOCKER ON FACEBOOK - Provides free extracts!

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