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What's great about e-book publishing is that it works for everything. Publishing an eBook - Lernpfad You' re up to the challenge of entering the printing world? Regardless of whether you are interested in the books or magazines sector, as a self-publisher or as a conventional publishers, you can acquire the capabilities you need to monitor the manufacturing and sales proces. Find out what an EPUB is and how it works. Generate multi-media, default and static layouts.

Identify the main actors and sales opportunities for the publication of the books. Find out how to use InDesign CC 2015 to build an eBook. Turn your legacy asset into feature-rich full-featured EPCs that can be viewed on Kindle, Kobo, iPad and NOOK and more. InDesign CC, you' ll be able to build highly engaging, fixed-layout interactivity and maintain the health of your designs across a variety of web browser and readers.

The best and most versatile way to present your e-books in a visual way. Find out how you can design your EPUBs - with text, images and backgrounds - exactly the way you want them. Grab an eBook from Word, Pages, InDesign or even a simple text editors and turn it into a Kindle to use. Make an eBook with a solid design that is nice, well finished and pleasant to look at on a Kindle.

Find out how InDesign lets you customize a printing theme or build a Kindle ebook from the ground up. Find out how to build your own e-books with iBooks Author. See how to bring text from Word or InDesign, insert pictures and full-featured browsers, insert link and bookmarking, and save your books for publishing as EPUB or PDF.

Understand about ebook trends ebook development and ebook development software; how to distribute books and market your ebook; and how to publish to help your ebook competing with the people. Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n, InDesign Secrets founding member, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and specialist in the field of Adobe Certified InDesign. Anne Marie "Her Geekness" ConcepciĆ³n is an authority on the subject of online publication. It has Seneca Designs & Training, a cross-media creative agency that creates printed, PDF and eBook products for customers.

She is also a qualified Adobe trainer and advisor for InDesign-based publication workflow, InCopy workflow and publication in EPUB, Kindle, DPS, PDF and iBooks Authoring. She and her associate David Blatner lead the Creative Publishing Network, which includes, InDesign Magazine, and two major sector conferences each year, the InDesign Conference and the Print + ePublishing Conference.

It has more than 160 certificates, among them the Adobe CSS Masters. For over thirty years Tony Harmer has worked in the creativity sector on a number of designs, illustrations and web/screen work. As an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor with more than 160 credentials and one of the few to have achieved the rank of Master of Creative Suite, Tony has conducted courses throughout the UK and Europe.

In addition to the BNGO Books office, Kevin Callahan is teaching in Pace University. He is the proprietor of BNGO Books, a New York based creative office. Since the beginning of his career as a designer, he has been producing with InDesign ("after a long relationship with PageMaker and QuarkXPress").

This new and emerging technological expertise - with high hopes of meeting the opportunities of the physical space - gives him a great outlook in the creation of re-flowable, solid layouts and multi-touch-books. In his training, he teaches employees of large publishers and small printing machines as well as self-published writers about printing and workflow, emphasising the value of early editing, designing and producing work.

He is a member of the Pace University Masters in Publishers Department and teaches desk top and digitally based work. He has a unique breadth of backgrounds in project portfolio and includes project development, videoproduction, system engineering and system eco. AuthorImprints, an award-winning third-party publisher that assists writers and organisations in the publication of their work.

AuthorImprint has produced over a hundred professionally produced prints that have enabled the publishing of 250 titles. Previously, he also worked for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee and co-founded the first on-line publishers of sport teams sites now known as the CBS College Athletics Network.

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