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Free children's book publishing

Order a FREE Publishing Kit. Easy online book creation with free content creation tools. Subscribe to Brian's free Writer's Digest eNewsletter: Do you want to be successful as a children's author in today's publishing world? " If this is your first book, offer a free short story or bonus chapter," he suggests as if he were reading my mind.

To publish your children's book

Use the Kindle Kids' Book Creator utility to create your own children's book. It can import files in PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and PPM format. Click on the Mac or PC link below to get more information about Kindle Kids' Book Creator. The KDP converts your book for Kindle so you don't have to work with complicated converting utilities.

For more information on creating a professional-quality electronic book, please visit the downloadable manual: Creating Your Book For Kindle. Fill in the necessary track information (your book name, book name, etc.) and use our age and grade utilities to help your book find its way to Kindle Stores around the world. Use KDP's Covers Creator to make a book art book art or even add your own.

Choose the areas where you have the right to publish your work. Register your book with KDP Selections to receive higher bonuses, get new audiences through the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and get entry to high-performance merchandise management features such as Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions. Find out more about KDP Selections.

You can publish your children's book in printed form: Crash Course

Submit your photo book in "Expert"-style! It' s much simpler than you might think to get your artwork and stories in a published one! You have a few different ways to create your book art files. I' ll guide you through the easiest of all, an on-line covers author provided by Createspace.

Choice of distribution channel to make your book available on, Amazon Europe, offering discounts through Createspace, making your book available to library and bookstore. Find out how you can define your print-on-demand book fees before you start. In order to get the most out of your book and get ready for your book before you write it, take my other course, the "Kid Lit Career" course.

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