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Here's your list of destinations. Some academic conferences are an equally prestigious place of publication within US computer science. The door to world-class research magazines STENPHEN A. MCCLAVE, B BETH E. Taylor, ROBERT G.

Martindale, MALISSA M. Warren, DEBBIE R. Johnson, CAROL BRUNSCHWIG, MARY S. McCar and more.... Cornelia Kotseva, David Wood, Dirk De Bacquer, Guy De Backer, Lars Rydén, Catriona Jennings, Viveca Gyberg, Philippe Amouyel, Jan and more..... Hagger, N. L. D. Chatzisarantis, H. Alberts, C. O. Anggono, C. Batailler, A. R. Birt, R. Brand, M. J. Brandt, G. Brewer, S. and more....

IJRP ("Internationale Fachzeitschriften")

IJRP ("International Journals for Research"): IJRPs are academic, peer-review, on-line and open-access journals (depending on the authors chosen; the standard selection is openly accessible from April 2013). These journals have a quicker process of reviews and publications, which makes your Research Papers Publication immediately and continuously available on-line.

Every Open Access Journal has its own Call for papers, which can be found on the journal's homepage. IJRP Research Papers' goal is to offer a broad palette of high-tech, inventive, imaginative and high-quality research work. There is no time limit for submission of your research work to our global peer-reviewed periodicals.

Feel free to get in touch with any magazine at any tim. All you need to do is look at our Call for Papers for the magazines on this page. Quick reaction, quick verification and quick publication: for all mentioned Internationally Journal als of Research Paper (IJRP); the mean period between the submission of a design and the definitive publication in all our internationally recognized periodicals is less than 21 workingdays Immediate publication: The author's magazine is immediately available after its adoption, our referenced Open Account Periodical Publication System can include it in the "current" table of contents of the rep.

International Global Exchange of Knowledge: (the research papers approved are subscribed according to the categories of papers approved in the following indexation services): Ulrich, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Microsoft academic research, University of Texas (USA), Stanford University (USA), State University Libraries of Florida (enthalten in 11 Universitätsbibliotheken in Florida)(USA), University of Cambridge (Großbritannien), Simon Fraser University (Kanada), University of South Australia (Australien), OAIster Database, PubZone (ACM), Research gate, OCLC World Cat, I Cat,

Electronic Journals and Periodicals Libraries (Ezb Germany), Simpson University (USA), Columbia University (USA), NEOS library syndicate (Canada), University of Melbourne (Australia), Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), University of Gronignen (Netherlands), Liverpool (Royaume-Uni), Universität Würzburg (Allemagne), Akademische Forschung (notre local), Issuuu, Researchbib, Journal seek, Docstoc, Postgraduate Academy, etel07, Université de Cantorbéry (Neuseeland), Université de Hong Kong, Queen's University (Kanada),

University of Mainz (Deutschland), University of Saskatchewan (Kanada), The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, University of Manitoba (Kanada), Auckland University of Technology (Neuseeland), script, praorch, slideshare, mentley, acadmie, académie, JournSeek, Genamics, Internetarchiv, Ebookbrowse,CiteSeer, Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany), University of Twente (Netherlands), Universitat Osnabrack (Germany), Universitat Marburg (Germany), University of IOWA (USA),

Cornell University (USA)), Simpson University (USA), IE Gallery (Espagne), Tilburg University (Niederlande), McGill University (Canada), INDIANA UNIVERSITY-PURDUE UNIVERSITY INDIANAPOLIS (USA), Indiana University East (Campus Gallery (USA)), The University of Arizona (USA), University of Washington (USA), Biola University (USA), Northeastern University (USA), University of Louisville (USA), Pepperdine University Libraries (USA), Boston University (USA), Brandeis University (USA), Mblwhoi Gallery (USA), Mblwhoi Group.

University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA), University of Massachusetts Medical School (USA), University of Connecticut (USA), University of New Hampshire (USA), Wellesley College (USA), Boston Library Consortium (USA), Williams College (USA), University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA), Healey Library an der University of Massachusetts Boston (USA), Antioch University Libraries (USA), University of New Brunswick Libraries (Kanada),

Mt Allison University (Kanada), Canadian University College Library (Kanada), University Library of Skavde (Schweden), Roderic Bowen Library and Archives (Vereinigtes Königreich), University of Wales Trinity Saint David (Vereinigtes Königreich), Mount Saint Vincent University Library (Halifax, Nova Scotia Kanada), Biblioteca Universitaria de Lean (Spanien), Bibliotecas Universidad de Salamanca (Spanien), Vniversidad DSalamanca (Spanien).

If you do not know the essential publication criteria for research work, it can be hard to post your research work in IJRP. IJRP will make the necessary scholarly publications available to scientists. To help writers with the publication of their research, we will address the following topics: 1- Research Ethics: You can only post your work if you know about the Best Practice Guidelines on Research Ethics; this research ethic can be found at the following link:

2 - We suggest that you consult our PUBLICATION HOWTO. 3 - The following question: HOW DO YOU RESEARCH APPROVE? To help young writers prepare their scripts for publication. If you are interested in the publication of the research document, please see this section for the necessary instructions to help you prepare and publicize your work.

4 - By reviewing the above points, your work is now fit for publication, the last stage is to find a place where you can post your work. SO THEY CAN RELEASE THEIR WORK. Writers can use the International Journal of Research Papers to post articles in the following journals: 1 - International Journal of Sciences:

2 - The International Journal of Computers (IJC). Publication: The author's document is included in the table of contents of the "current" book immediately after it has been accepted. A multi-disciplinary peer-review journal for the publication of genuine research work in all major fields of sciences (all academic disciplines) such as social sciences, natural sciences, formal sciences and applications sciences.

Human ecology, oceanography, meteorology, life sciences, human biological sciences, human biological sciences, policy analysis, logic, mathematics, statistics, systems analysis, computer systems analysis, computer sciences, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, oceanography, meteorology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, human ecology, anthropology, human anthropology, human anthropology, anthropology, archeology, communications, criminology, educational ecology, geosciences, accounting, archeology This internatio al journals ensures that the editor's decisions on the basis of the results of our evaluation will not take longer than 21 da...

International Journal of Sciences: International Journal of Sciences: IJSBAR publishes Genuine Research Works, Survey Article, Brief Bulletins and Techniques in all major areas of research (all academic disciplines).

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