Publication Proposal

proposal for publication

We' d be happy to take your suggestion into account. This will really help us to understand the proposed publication. When you have published other articles and books, please include a list of these materials. When publishing, the special strengths and styles of a manuscript are compared with those of a publisher. It is an example of the proposal that the person proposing publication should complete.

Suggestion guidelines for Berrett-Köhler-Verlag

Berrett-Köhler Verlag has set itself the task of publishing works that help the move towards a sustainable working for all. We encourage changes at the individual, organisational and social level. To this end, please make a proposal covering the following topics: Berrett-Koehler-Verlag's aim is to connect people and ideas to build a working for all.

We encourage changes at the individual, organisational and social level. In this sense we ask you to deal with the following subjects in your publication proposal: What is the current need for a new publication on this subject? Aim: How is the publication structured to satisfy the need? Which are the main and ancillary aims of the publication?

How does the publication contribute? Which are the aims you want to reach with the publication of your work? Audience and benefits: What are the target groups and how will they be able to use the publication? Differentiate between primarily and secondarily. Define target groups for your company.

Effect: How will your publication have a beneficial, quantifiable influence on people, organisations, societies and/or people? Explain the desired benefits and not just general purposes. Effectiveness measurement: How will you assess the benefits (including any material you will publish in your publication or on your website to help your reader assess the impact)?

When and how will you notify Berrett-Köhler of these effects? Explain the basis of your textbook, covering vocational or scientific expertise, research and theories. Enclose biographic information about yourself, as well as the title of your previously released works. State the name of the editor, the publication date and the number of books you have already produced, as well as all issues in other languages and their editors.

Which are the five most competitively priced or similar publication, and how specifically does the publication suggested differ from and go beyond each of them? This is a key topic, please describe the new article of your publication in detail. Please include a detailled chapter-by-chapter overview of the scheduled content of the publication. If available, please provide us with the full text of the publication; otherwise, please provide two to four model sections with the publication proposal, stating when the full text would be available.

Length of manuscripts and custom materials: What number of words do you think the script will be, along with any reference, appendix or other material? In your opinion, which specific material (drawings, charts, illustrations, objects, etc.) will be used? How do you plan to complete the work? If you are an authorised writer, please enclose a specific publication in which you can help the publishing house market the work.

Some of the merchandising assets may include: - the name and name of the institution where you are teaching professionally or college-level classes. - Trade organisations of which you are a member and any management role or specific activities you have carried out in those organisations. - From time to time, the name and emphasis of each newsletters or e-newsletters you post, as well as the number of times they are sent and the number of times they receive them.

Because of the huge number of suggestions and scripts we have received, we are not able to respond to them all or submit personalized answers to each of them. If you have any queries regarding suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail. Most of the time you will get a 4-6 week reaction from us if we choose to follow your ideas.

IMPORTANT: We only receive suggestions in Portable Document Format (PDF). Send your . pfd proposal by e-mail to: To find out what makes a great suggestion, take a look at the "Write Right" section of our BK magazine! You can subscribe to our mailinglist to find out more about us as publishers and the type of project we like.

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