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View your pings from your computer to the PUBG game servers hosted by AWS. Search all tradable PUBG skins with preview, prices and other details. This day is another milestone in our young history. If PUBG is easier to start for the first time, it is more likely that you will continue playing. PUBG real time failures and problems.

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By John Bedford

The PUBG manual contains a comprehensive set of hints, strategies and strategies for the use of the game. This may have been attacked by a few rivals in the last six month, but you can say for sure that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - or rather, PUBG, as almost everyone in the whole-will be called.

We would not be suprised at all with a new PUBG developer road map if the contents update would reach us thick and quickly in the next few month. We' re still having a lot of fun with the gameplay, and in our PUBG guidebook we've put together all the explanations and other guides we've published on the website in the last few heats.

We will make sure that every new tour leader is admitted here so that you can get right into what you need, from a central one. When there is something special you want to see in our PUBG-Guide, just let us know.

Added a new temporary incident to the series. We' ve upgraded our central guideline with the fundamental Metal Rain detail, with a hyperlink to our special guideline, which is now available in the "Limited Times Events" section of this articlen. Weapon - You won't get far without PUBG Weapon!

Gear - It's not just about the guns. This is our report on all other armor and objects in the match. Gammeplay - How to enhance the most basic features of PUBG. Cards - Any guidebook we have authored to win the day on the various cards in PUBG.

Limitations - Tips and hints for surviving in the temporary event that takes place in the match every now and then. We' ve divided our items into different sections, but for those of you who have somehow missed the whole PUBG madness so far, here's a brief review of what the pack is all about:

The PUBG is a so-called Battle Royale shooting machine in which a large number of gamers are thrown onto a card and then play against each other. Last player to stand is the winner of the match as a whole. After a while, the area on the card becomes smaller and forces the rest of the player to move ever nearer together.

Each player begins with zero armor and armor and must make their way through all of the building and the outpost to release protection and a proper range of weaponry. You have two cards to be played in the hand at the moment of release, from a unique battlefield that was available at inauguration.

It is possible to run the match alone or with other members of a group. Every session demands a completely different strategy to gain, but the essence gaming stays the same: Shot all the others, be the last group to stand! It can be used in both first and third player view. PUBG did not always have First Personal available, but it was added in a recent update.

Using this fast summary out of the way, here are all our expanding guides, divided into different catagories. Here is everything we have been writing about the guns in PUBG so far: What kind of gear should you look for next if you have packed a delicious gun? You will find all the answer to these and other questions in our devices section.

Drop items - It is important that you have a tidy PUBG store and do not squander precious pocket room with unnecessary item. As this is a steadily expanding part of our PUBG guidelines, please keep up to date to receive further upgrades for this part in the near term. In PUBG there are good cars, poor cars and intermediate cars.

This section of our PUBG Guides lists all the items we have to help you play this part of the pack better. Occasionally the developer likes to rock with occasional presentations. They shatter the ground significantly and give you a very welcome breeze of coolness!

If you want to get the best possible introduction to PUBG, work your way through these indispensable guidelines. This is the end of our PUBG-Guideline.

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