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Submissions of prose poetry

Muscular prose, authenticity and a real beating heart. Thuringia welcomes submissions of prose, poetry, hybrid script, plays, scripts and fine arts. We' re looking for prose, poetry and art of all kinds.

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We' re looking for the same qualities in poetry, fantasy and non-fiction. Occasionally, our category writers also take over our tweets to talk about the work we have released. Submit one at a stretch, please. Submissions can be made at the same moment, but please contact us immediately if they are received elsewhere. When a portion of a package is submitted, make a notice of the payout on Submittable.

Neither do we consider already posted materials nor do we receive e-mail submissions. If you are interested, please send your contribution to the appropriate category editors and make sure that the proverb is used correctly in your brief. Please click here to send. We will be changing this request every quarter, so please review Submittable for the new one.

Fiction We want muscle prose, genuineness and a true pounding cardi. Entrust no more than 3,000 words of up to 3 fiction flashes of less than 750 words in a word. When you cross poetry and non-fiction, you' re sending them to us. Deliver a one-of-a-kind song with no more than 4,000 words or up to 3 x 1,000-word flashy assays in a one-of-a-kind file.

Poetry We want living, living poetry. They like prose poetry or pure poetry with prose in it. And we like poetry. Compile up to 3 verses in one file. Notepad FeedbackFor $4 you get in-depth feedbacks on your work. We do this in the format of 1-3 detailled sections, according to the category of your entry, by the editors or assistants of your work.

Editors decide what to concentrate on in their feedbacks, which do not involve line editing or proof-reading, but generally concentrate on what might or might not work in one play, as well as proposals for further refinement and reworking. This is not an accelerated answer choice.

No further question to the publisher or any attempt to disprove the publisher's comments will be answered. Remember that this feed-back is a chargeable experience and should not be associated with a demand for more work.

Anyone who wants to see more of you will be clearly indicated in your answer.

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