Programs for Writing a novel

Writing programs for a novel

In order to explain its characteristics: I' ve tried other writing programs, but WriteItNow has the most to offer. Note: The application deadline for the program has expired. Launch the program in any quarter. There are a number of problems you'll inevitably face if you've ever started writing a novel.


In the second round of the Authors' Novel Writing Programme, nine books will be published by the authors taking part. At the same time as the second round, in which nine young and gifted authors from various Arabian lands were discovered, the third round of the programme will be opened by African Academy under the direction of the well-known writer Jabbour Jweihi from Lebanon.

AFAC's third Novel Writing Programme, which will be supervised by Jabbour Dweihi, will run for 18 consecutive years. Each project is professionally examined and a total of ten scholarship holders are admitted to the programme. As many as ten authors will be shortlisted to take part in a programme of three workshop sessions to complete the scripting by the participating authors.

AFAK will assist the release of the chosen release script. Rather than pay a scholarship fee, the scholarship holders are covered by OFAC for all scholarship holders taking part in the programme, which includes the intense workshop, mentoring and travelling as well as catering for participation in the workhops. AFFAC will also pay the cost of print and publish the books, which are considered to be excellent at the end of the programme.

Zghorta, northern Lebanon, is a writer by Jabbour Dweihi. After graduating with a bachelor's in French literature from the Beirut School of Education and a doctorate in comparative literature from the Sorbonne Nouvelle Université de Paris III. After his graduation, he withdrew from academic studies at the university of Lebanon, where he was formerly a professor of French literature.

Weihi has transcribed several works of literature and general interest from French into Arabic. He has been translating his own work into French, English, Italien and Germany. He was shortlisted for the International Price of Arabic Fiction for two of his novels: The American Neighborhood was on the long price roll in 2015.

He is the Dweihi hat eine Reihe von Romanen veröffentlicht, Moderation of Autumn (1995);Rayya of the River (1998) ; Rose Fountain (2002), June Rain (2006),Chased Away (2006) et The American Neighborhood (2013). Besides a collection of Death Among Family is Sleepiness (1990) and a children's novel Spirit of the Jungle (2001).

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