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Is the Mac equivalent to Microsoft Publisher? One of the world's most sought-after layman-interpreters, Microsoft Publisher turns laymen into amateurs. With the enhanced Microsoft Office suite, Publisher is a cost-effective replacement to the costly applications used by professionals. There is only one issue - Publisher works only on PC only. When you' ve recently been converting to a Mac, you may be a little overwhelmed, but don't be alarmed, there are similar applications, some of which are free.

Go to the Mac App Store and click on the Productivity section to find out more about Pages, an application that many would call the most evident publisher for you. Pages is often pre-installed on new computers for free, with layouts and designs that can handle most of your designs.

It' part of a package named iWork, so take a look at his team-mates Keynote and Numbers. Each of these three applications can be used to create PDF, DOC and XLS files. Maybe one of the reasons why Microsoft has not made a Mac edition of Publisher is because it makes a Mac edition of Microsoft Word that can do almost as much.

Browse a few technical journals and boards and you'll see that those who complain about the need for Mac publishers are usually pushed towards Microsoft Word. It' correct that Word does a great deal for its Mac users: Create sharp-looking flyers, booklets, flyers, banners, newsletter using drafting utilities, text visuals, special print preferences, and artwork.

Since you' re already purchasing Microsoft Office for Mac for other jobs, Word is a cost-effective way to meet your publication needs. Apache Open Office is even cheaper than Pages or Word. It' free because open code developers create it - just fetch it from Apache and put it on your HD.

Just like Microsoft Office, Open Office is a set of applications. A member, Draw, is the publisher's representative. It has a similar user experience and some of the menu are in the same place as the publisher's menu. While all Open Office applications store to their own size, you can use the "Save As" function to export them to DOC, PDF and many other types of data.

Draw lets you do everything you can in Publisher; some people even choose to show open code publicity through it. It' an easy programme, but it has all the necessary utilities for a flyer or a small newsletters. InDesign can produce everything from a calling cards to a multi-part magazine to a 10,000-page novel and provides many sophisticated text and design functions and utilities that are not part of the publisher.

If you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use it and all Adobe applications for a fair amount of money. QuarkXPress is another major publisher.

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