Professional Writing Training Courses

Writing training courses for professionals

Writing and email etiquette. Find out how to write a CV that impressively highlights your personal and professional strengths. Course, workshop, program, seminar. Intermediate writing skills for experienced professionals. "During my six-monthly review, my supervisor recommended that I attend a writing course for professional development.

University Writing Program | Professional Writing Training

Whether you are new to the job or an experienced economics journalist, it can be a challenging task to write professionally and technically. In contrast to what many fighting authors in the economy, administration and the community believe, we know that working with letters doesn't have to be work. George Washington University provides a range of vocational and engineering scribbling studios for organisations in and around Washington, DC.

We offer work-shops for very small or slightly large groups so that executives can improve the efficiency of their employees' typing by leveraging the abilities, experiences and educational expertise of professionals. In the ideal case a max. of 12 people can participate in the workshop. When your teammates are bigger, please feel free to talk to us about the possibilities so that your staff can get the most out of their workout experiences.

A number of organisations decide to hold only one or two workshop on a subject that is relevant to the immediate needs of their teams, while others plan a large annual workshop for different people. As a rule, the workshop takes place in the client's offices. In the absence of such a room, classrooms or meeting rooms can be provided on the Mount Vernon of George Washington University.

Actual workshops include: Please note: The instructor and equipment fee is a one-time organization fee per workhop.

Commercial and Writing Professionals

Students will improve their commercial and vocational literacy through intense typing exercises and small groupworkhops. Lessons focus on efficient organisation, enhanced cutting technique and suitable sounds and format for corporate communications. Words, styles, idioms as well as vocabulary and vocabulary are covered in work-related tests to make sure that the course is focussed, targeted and personal.

Students create efficient documentation and extend the approach to the typing processes through design, revision and proof-reading. Students are urged to provide job-specific, industry-specific or career-related material to adapt their attendance to their own needs. This Business and Professionalriting course consists of seven sessions on Tuesday from 18:30 - 20:30.

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