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A professional solution for screenwriters. Professional editing services ensure more consistent and high-quality results. Powerful editor for authors. ((even more than an average piece), you need to make sure you have it edited by real professionals. Do you write a research article, a book or another document?

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Computer-aided control of styles and use. StyledWriter examines text-processed originals against more than 50,000 linguistic issues and ways to clarify them. It will help you work on and polishing texts in clear and succinct terms. The fastest way to enhance your writing skills is with the use of TypeWriter 4.

You will learn the skills of first-class reporters, copywriters and other professional authors and help you overcome bad writing practices. No need to be an experienced Englishman or computer user to use Style Writer. We avoid using specialist terminology and focus on making your writing more legible.

A Than Any Gramar checker StyleWriter 4 is not a grade-tester. Attempt to show you how to spell a proper phrase by analysing each of the words for its part of the speeches and then only accept phrases if the parts of the speeches are in the right order. To be honest, we all know how confusing it can be to have an English language examiner who emphasizes proper English and often overlooks genuine errors.

Then we asked the participants of a writing course to discover them. As we ran a Grammatik Checkcker by the same section, it found only six errors, remained however over 30 time in the incorrect place. If you want to learn how to speak German, the best way to enhance your vocabulary is to spell and understand what you have already spoken.

We have found that stylistic and use-related mistakes (confusing words, syllabification and separation of words) exceed the number of grammar mistakes by 30 to 1. The StyleWriter will teach you these abilities and help you to spell clearly and efficiently.

Instead of analyzing the phrase, StyleWriter looks for the errors that writers look for when redesigning a work. StyleWriter has 35,000 stylistic and usability errors, about 10x the performance of a traditional gradetester. The primary goal in writing is to make your writing with the greatest possible clearness and writing in a way that best suits your readers.

Clear Anglophone is clear Anglophone. Each top paper - Newsweek, Scientific America or The Economist uses simple Englishspeaking to make writing interesting and easily readable. The StyleWriter will help you type in clear British language by helping you identify words and sentences in your writing that stand in the way of clearness and bad writing styles.

It does not promote a standardstyle that everyone should adopt. Rather, StyleWriter urges you to speak your own words, as it helps you to escape from the usual writing styles. Clear English does not mean that everyone's writing must have the same tone. There is a lot of room for personal styles, eloquence and creative writing.

Let Style Writer help you get out of your bad writing and let it be expressed in your own words. LifestyleWriter 4 - Who needs it? StyledWriter 4 is ideal for: Style Writer is built to do the work of a professional writer - and everyone can profit by knowing how to guide the stylus through writing to make it clear, succinct and legible.

Style Writer helps you no matter what you do. Writer's Software SuperCenter is the oldest website on the web dedicated to the sale of software for authors.

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