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Write professional e-mails and notes (project-related course). Manage essential business communication skills with a professional writing degree online from the non-profit, accredited Southern New Hampshire University. Specialised program for professional writing Good writing and effective communication are important abilities that are in great need. Irrespective of whether you are writing a deal suggestion, a donation note, an ad copy, a report or a blogs, a powerful, convincing message is necessary for the company's future prosperity. Specialized Program in Professional Writing provides a complete syllabus to teach you the ability to successfully and efficiently type on a professional scale, both in printed and electronic form.

The Specialized Programme in Professional Writing does not qualify, but a Bachelor's programme is highly encouraged. There are 5 compulsory courses and 1 optional subject for a maximum of 7 semesters and 0,7 courses (112 lessons). A non-refundable application charge must be paid by the Candidate. Courses must be completed for a note.

In order to qualify for the Award of Completion, you must retain an overall score of at least 2.5 points, with a score of C or better in each course, except for the basics of freelancing, which must be taken for the CEU. The course work must be finished within three years of registration for the programme. As a rule, it lasts at least four semesters.

With your application you state your intent to supplement the syllabus. If you want to apply online for the Specialized Program in Professional Writing, please follow these two steps: If you are a new enrolment and would like to apply online, please fill in your personal details. Use your basket to purchase the non-refundable enrolment fees. You will need 3-5 working day to get your application into your students bankroll.

Approximately $3,000 (excluding course material and enrolment fee). Once your documents have been checked, validated and accepted, your prize will be sent to you by post. Your file verification is usually complete within six to eight week of your inquiry.

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