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Designed for creative, professional and personal development - or just for fun. An introduction to therapeutic and reflective writing. Learn more about the MA Professional Writing Postgraduate Course at Falmouth University at the School of Writing & Journalism. Enhance your ability to create precise, clear and reader-friendly written communication on our professional writing course. Expert Writing is designed to give adult learners the basic skills they need to write effective documents in the workplace.


No matter what your writing aspirations are, in our on-line courses you can discover and nurture your creative talents as you learn how the professional writing work. You will be taught in small, welcoming and supporting workshops so that you can debate your thoughts, ask your own question and exchange your writing with other students as you work through the Session.

Find out more about how our courses work. If you want to create fictions, want to grow professionally or privately, need to create your own businesses, want to grow your professional life or just want to create for pleasure - our courses will help you to improve your abilities. The Faber Academy courses: We work together with the Faber Academy to provide courses for novels in all phases of their evolution.

Select from novice novels, novels, intermediate and intermediate literature or small courses to help you discover and practice the most important writing and research aptitudes. Courses in John Yorke Story: In collaboration with John Yorke Story you will find out why all succesful story have a common framework and how to use it, according to the principle described in John Yorke's bestseller "Into the Woods".

Courses: We work with the premier transatlantic literature consulting firm to help you work on your manuscripts from design to input-ready packages built on their bestseller On Editing: The professional way to work on your novel. Booking your place now - or if you want to nurture the creativity in your organization, discuss how we can tailor our courses and workshop to your needs.

Writing Professionals MA | Falmouth University

In this commercial course you build the key competencies you need to be flexible and effective in writing. No matter if it' literature, non-fiction, advertising texts, magazines or scripts, you will find out how to adapt your work to competetive and fast-moving market segments and how to create a high-quality business mix with the self-confidence and professionality you need for a succesful work.

It has a good record of giving gifted authors the abilities they need to develop a sustainable future. You' ll immerse yourself in the writing process from the beginning and learn how to write convincing stories and voice before applying these technologies to the subject areas of your choosing.

You will have a deep insight into the contents sector and how you can sharpen your own professional image in it, and you will be part of a vibrant and supporting fellowship of other authors. In the second half of the MA, you will be challenged to gather and gather work experiences related to writing that can flow into your industry-oriented research work.

You will work on an individual and team basis, work together with other professional journalists and develop your own project and line of work. In order to help you choose your subject area, take a course dealing with the workings of authors in different areas of the publishing world. Once you have completed your professional career you will complete a research course.

You will conduct industry-oriented research and make a suggestion for a longer term imaginative projekt - your MA-Projekt. During the last part of the course you will work autonomously on this topic, with the support of a specialized instructor. The Writers in Residence program is a pleasure for us to organize.

Mr. Menmuir is a 2017 Writer in Residence, and former Writers in Residence include Emily Barr, Matt Haig, Lionel Shriver, Owen Sheers and Philip Marsden.

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