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Free professional online writing lessons

The ability to write a professional business letter is very important in the modern business world. If you are interested in's free Professional Writing course, it might be the right thing for you. If you are interested in's free Professional Writing course, it might be the right thing for you.

Technology for professional authors.

Low or no costs for online classes

University of Washington was one of the first pioneers in online learning to provide a large number of online training programmes and classes since 2001. Also, we provide classes on common platform like Coursera and edX. Several of these are free and some cost a small administration fees, which usually allow you to gain extra functionality and/or a certificate to prove your performance.

eX online education site offers free classes from some of the best education providers in the hemisphere, such as Harvard, MIT and the University of Washington. Many of these classes begin on a certain date and last a certain period of the year, others are available on request and can be attended at any given moment.

You' ll be learning from top teachers and enjoying a demanding syllabus designed to meet the needs of online schoolchildren.

Ignore the journalism school: Up to 50 free open courses

If you are an aspiring reporter, you don't have to wonder whether you will receive additional training if free, open classes are available online for everyone. If you are a seasoned reporter, you should invest some of your free study and research into the various facets of the journalistic world before shaping your own futur. This course helps you with writing, reports, photjournalism, multimedia and more.

Writing, messaging and communications From enhancing your vocabulary, to acquiring connection with other civilizations, to enhancing your communicative abilities, these courses will enhance your capacity to communicate with others. These courses help you to practise writing on topics such as the natural world, society and celebs.

Whether you want to become a photographer or are looking for a journalistic career in which you can deal with both photographs and the writing, you will certainly learn a lot of useful information in these courses. Enhance your journalistic and media literacy abilities. Use these courses to acquire this know-how.

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