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It is also the only professional screenwriting tool that lets you insert images directly into your document. No professional authors come up with ideas to write about it. The later novels were much simpler than the earlier ones. The WriteWay Pro is a professional authoring tool and was one of the first applications dedicated to writing novels. Let us advise you from the ground up when writing your novel - or from your existing design.

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I always wanted to make my own books, but didn't know where to begin. Every publisher will tell you that the keys to creating a winning work are in the pipeline. Leverage the power of your own novel to organize your storyline into clear sections and scenarios that can be shifted with the groundbreaking Drag'n'Drop StoreboardĀ .

You' re free to work between typing your storyline, evolving your character, constructing an action and placing places, etc. With clever spelling aids and thousands of handy notes and advice, you'll be led through everything from choosing what kind of books you want to make, how you want to tell the tale, to making a tick to begin each section, to a cliffhanger to keep the reader busy all the way.

What typing utilities do authors use when they write a novel?

Once I have the feeling that I've created the best section I can, I'll go down my'checklist' to see if it can be optimized a little more. Things on the checklist do not apply to every section. What is the point of this section? Has he/she acted in harmony with the personal?

Does each section contain the topic of the work?

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Today, most authors of novels don't dare to go beyond text processing - and many still use cursive writing. However, others find that demanding programming is of inestimable value to the literature company. Whereas Dickens and George Eliot only had a notebook and their minds to keep their triplane Victorians in order, authors like Richard Powers, Vikram Chandra and Marisha Pessl used everything from Excel tables to logistic applications like Microsoft Project to organise their imagination.

For them, computer is not a literary challenge, but an indispensable instrument. "Things are getting more and more complicated, making it harder to co-ordinate the kind of novel that tries to connect one' s own lives with one' s shared lives on a big screen," writes Power in an e-mail note - or rather, dictates as he uses the speech recognizer integrated into the Tablet PCs OS to write everything, complete with his work.

Writers can use computer programmes to "build thick and interrelated images of the worlds they copy," he added. At the end of the day, these computer programmes provide a useful framework, but they cannot replace talents and fantasy. They cannot promote what Orhan Pamuk described in an interviewee with The Paris Review as an important instrument of trade: "an obligation to be alone in a space".

What perhaps tells the notion for a different kind of computer system - one that puts your computer connected on a timers, so you can actually get some typing done.

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